Modbus Communication with Inch products

For some of our customers there is a need for manual manipulating charging settings via modbus. Bellow you can find attached python script, that should be a good start what can you do with modbus on our Inch products. Script is written, with both Duo and Inch, in mind.

List of supported registers can be found here - Modbus TCP Registers



PC with Windows/Linux, MacOS or other device capable running Python

Python 3.(x) and above installed - Python 3.9

Modbus module -

Python editor - we suggest



First you need to install Python and add it to you path. On Windows, path is found in Enviroment variables settings.

Then, using pip, you must install pymodbus library. Once your python was added to path you can use command

pip install -U pymodbus

In script there is a line that sets charger IP address. (Line 27), and it looks like following

clientIP="" #Charger's IP address

Change IP address accordingly to your charger.


Running script:

Script can be easily run using python executable from command prompt.

For reading Modbus registers use


And for writing Modbus registers use

When writing modbus, scripts asks for which connector on Inch Duo



During first 45 seconds is impossible to set current point, due to station figuring out minimal and maximum target current.


Running example:

Reading on modbus:


Writing on modbus, set current point was changed:


Article on how to enable Modbus and its fallback functionalities: