Advertisements on LCD screen of INCH and INCH DUO

What type of files can be added (.jpg .png ....) and if apart from photos it is also possible add video files? If yes what is the max size of video file or max duration?
As an advertisement you can use .JPG or PNG (PNGs shouldn't have transparent background - ). Unfortunately, videos are not supported.

What is the maximum size of the advertisement file?
Imported image can be any size because it will be cropped (user can select area of the image) and properly resized.

What size should have the images (340x120 for INCH? and 72x72 for INCH DUO? other....)
Image resolution is arbitrary because image will be scaled to fit INCH PRO and INCH DUO LCD display.

In the branding guidelines of INCH is mentioned that is possible to have on screen "... animation (7 frames)". How can we set the animation?
On screen animation is a branding feature that is not configurable by the user. Customer logo/animation is shown during booting of the charger. It's only available as a customized firmware (flavor) for specific customers. Please contact our sales department regarding customized firmware.