INCH data format

After factory reset, upgrade, … clear cache in a web browser.


Data format can only be perform on chargers with INCH 2.0 system image on newer.

Note*: data format will delete all configuration and data files from charger, factory configuration will also be erased.
It will also delete any app image updates, so the app will be downgraded to the version boundled with the system image.

For example, if your charger has app version 4.x.y, a data format will downgrade the firmware to 4.0.

If you need to delete ALL data on the charger or downgrade the FW version, follow the next steps:

  • turn off the charger and leave it without power for 1 minute and

  • press and hold the white reset button on the motherboard.



  • turn on the charger while still holding the the reset button and wait until you see the logo or text on the screen

  • release the reset button

It will take 5 or 6 minutes until the reset is done.