INCH and INCH duo version 5.3

Upgrade station with inch-system-5.0.5.armv7.itb. This upgrade can take up few minutes.

Optionally you can leave system on 5.0, if you are limited by data plan from your SIM provider, and don’t have problems with Wi-Fi or payter terminals.

After upgrade with inch-system-5.0.5.armv7.itb you can then apply inch-app-5.3.armv7.itb.

After reboot you should be presented by System 5.0.5 and Software version 5.3 in Diagnostics menu



Modem update, modem-4.armv7.itb applies only to INCH chargers with LTE module NOT applicable for INCH Duo!


Release notes:


CAUTION: if the charging station uses a mobile connection, please check how much data you have leased in the package. Upgrade system file size is aprox 80 MB. If you have less data available in the package, we recommend a local upgrade otherwise additional costs may be incurred by your mobile provider!


  File Modified

File inch-app-5.3.armv7.itb

Jul 25, 2023 by Denis Leskovar

File inch-system-5.0.5.armv7.itb

Jul 25, 2023 by Denis Leskovar

File modem-4.armv7.itb

Jul 26, 2023 by Denis Leskovar