Trouble connecting your INCH device to the backend central system?

There are three main options when connecting your INCH device to the backend central system:

Charge point identity code


and URL address

The “Charge point identity” code is defined in the backend central system so check that the code inputted in the charger matches the code defined in your backend.

Same with the “Protocol type” and the “Central system endpoint URL”. both are defined in the central system so check if they match.


If all of the above options match and the charger still doesn’t connect to the central system here are some additional options:

  1. Check if the time is synchronized (WebUI/Configurations/Device configuration/ Time and Regional settings)

2. If your charger comes with an option of a WiFi connection, you will need to disable the WiFi connection, if you would be using an ethernet connection instead

3. And lastly, check how the DNS is configured. If the charger cannot reach the DNS server of your network it also won’t be able to connect to the central system. One way to check this is to ping the URL address of the backend (in this case and subsequently also ping the IP of the central system from the “Diagnostics” menu and “Run network diagnostics” option.

If the charger can ping the IP and cannot ping the URL, then the charger doesn’t have access to the DNS server.

In some cases we can use the default Google DNS server ( and