Ocean - Release notes 1.224.3


  • OC-4639 - Operator portal - Billing & payment - New settings were added to Ocean that allow operators to define how long the system waits for CDR and still does the billing. By default, this will be set to 7 days but the operator will be able to change this data.

  • OC-5761 - Fleet Portal - RFID Cards on payer's stock will now appear in the list as soon as the menu is opened without the need to press the "Search" button.

  • OC-6250 - Operator portal - Monitoring and control - Dashboard: "Charge points unregister KPI" is removed from the system as it is not used anymore due to security changes and how unknown assets communicating to OCean are treated.

  • OC-6737 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Authorizations: Adding UserAgent field to export csv.

  • OC-9398 - UrchinAPI: New Urchin API POST {{URL}}/send-data-transfer-message allows operators to send custom DataTransfer OCPP messages to a select charging station. More about the API is available in our API documentation LINK

  • OC-9517 - UrchinAPI: Update on API ({{URL}}/api/creditCards in order to return credit cards with varied validity. This will allow users to see credit cards that are blocked and invalid in their app wallets. It will also prevent users from adding non-valid cards.

  • OC-9753 - Operator portal - Simulators - New Simulator flavour for testing connector Timeout situations were added.

  • OC-9822 - Operator portal - Assets - Charge point screen: Show the operator an error if any non-desired characters are used in the input filed "Protocol charge point identity"

  • OC-9968 - MQ message - Add new field chargingAuthorizationId to MQ message ChargingSessionb2BBillingEnded

  • OC-9971 - MQ message - Add new field EvseCode to MQ message RoamingConnectorStatus

Fixed Bugs

  • OC-9194 - Operator portal - Support - 1st level support: Can't create a ticket for users who inherit their contract from payer

  • OC-9536 - Operator portal - CRM - Sessions: Some of the roaming sessions don't display User contracts in the detail list and csv export.

  • OC-9580 - UrchinAPI - Roaming remote start/stop using {{URL}}/api/v1.0/charging/remote-start works only using a mobile type authorization. This is now extended so that also other types can be used.

  • OC-9658 - Operator portal - Marketing - Coupons: No push notification for new coupon is created and sent out to the user

  • OC-9746 - Operator portal - Assets - Charge points: Message logs can`t be fetched due to wrong API call

  • OC-9782 - Adhoc portal: Navigation button not working [iOS, Chrome]

  • OC-9789 - Adhoc portal: "Start charging" button disappearing [Android, Firefox]

  • OC-9797 - Driver portal - Forget password: Not all special characters are working.

  • OC-9841 - Operator portal - Roaming - Dashboard: The user screen freezes when accessing the user from the roaming session screen.

  • OC-9856 - Operator portal - Roaming - OCPI 2.2 - "Preparing" charger state transferred as "Charging" to the OCPI partner meaning plugging in before authorization is impossible to handle.

  • OC-9868 - Driver portal - Payter user: When a user wants to download an invoice currency different than EUR is not presented correctly.

  • OC-9880 - UrchinAPI - Remote start limits for urchinapi are ignored

  • OC-9883 - Adhoc portal: Brave mobile browser night mode issues - Braintree visibility (iOS only)

  • OC-9954 - Adhoc portal: Search bar icons are moved