Ocean - Release notes 1.220.3


  • OC-5636 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Tariffs: Prevent changing tariff condition dimensions on used tariff if condition is not asset based. Affected tariff dimensions: Contract type, Tariff times, Max actual charging power and User access type. These dimensions include Contract type, Tariff times, Max actual charging power, and User access type. This doesn't imply that these dimensions are set in stone; rather, it means that you cannot transition from zero dimensions to multiple dimensions. For instance, if a tariff is active and lacks any defined contract types, you cannot introduce a contract type restriction. However, if a tariff with defined contract types is already in effect, you can add additional contract types as restrictions to the existing tariff.

  • OC-7979 - Operator portal - Email Templates: New email template "Sub CPO has inserted new location" added. It is sent to the main operator, when subcpo requests a new location

  • OC-8459 - Operator portal - Support for sending tariffs to charging station via OCPP on updated pricing function

  • OC-8512 - Operator portal - Roaming - OCPI 2.1.1 & OCPI 2.2: Operator field (Landowner in Ocean) was added to the location object.

  • OC-8551 - Operator portal - Sessions: User limits are now shown together with Ocean Limits in the session detail screen as well as in monitoring and control in the session table. User limits are only applied if the user defines them before the charging session.

  • OC-8737 - Urchin API - New Urchin API for tariff update for specific location was added: POST {{URL}}/api/v1.0/billing/tariffs/update-location-charge-point-prices/:locationID

  • OC-8991 - Operator portal - Roaming - Settings: Remove "Requires live authorization option" for all OCPIs connections as it is unused in the system

  • OC-9070 - Operator portal - Roaming - Settings: When adding a Roaming platform remove the Connection option in order to simplify UI (Directly connected to the roaming platform for all)

  • OC-9165 - Driver portal - Improved error description when RemoteStartTransaction responds with error 500 for users with Blocked payments.

Fixed Bugs

  • OC-5851 - Driver portal - "Invalid time entered" error shown when a user tries to authorize using web app

  • OC-7739 - Operator portal - Billing&Payment - Consumed energy fee wrong VAT % used when doing manual balance

  • OC-7817 - Operator portal - Roaming - CPO sees the locations of its roaming actors, EMSPs. This happens when the role of the roaming actor is changed and the system unsuccessfully deletes CPOs' chargers

  • OC-7994 - Operator portal - Assets - Location - Roaming - Discrepancies in nr. of connectors]

  • OC-8002 - SubCPO portal - When requestion for the charger on a location with more than one connector it can in some cases fail

  • OC-8079 - Operator portal - Billing and payment: Session Duration in invoices is wrong (Cardcom payment provider)

  • OC-8097 - Operator portal - Billing&payment - Invoices: Invoice PDF displays untranslated dates

  • OC-8239 - Operator portal - Login: Password created by password generator is allowed but the system doesn't allow login with it

  • OC-8319 - Operator portal - Roaming - IntraOcean Roaming: Issue with synchronization of sessions authorized with RFID

  • OC-8438 - Operator portal - Roaming - OCPI 2.1.1.: status_code": 3000

  • OC-8441 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - NETS payment provider: During card authorization, the expiration date is incorrectly set

  • OC-8551 - Operator portal - Monitoring and control: User charging preferences (charging limits) are not applied as a limitations recalculation process overrides them

  • OC-8829 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Purchase: Users charged multiple times for the same charging session

  • OC-9005 - Driver portal - Adhoc registration fails with "Email could not be validated" error during webapp registration process