Ocean - Release notes 1.216.4 (20.6.2023)

New Features

  • OC-7572 - Operator portal and UrchinApi - Marketing - Coupons: The ability to connect coupons to authorization was added. This means that the Operator will be able to define a scenario, where a new coupon is created when the session is started and assigned to the session's authorization. This can be done only with a new marketing API that was created: api/v1/marketing/coupons/link-with-authorization.

  • OC-7688 - Fleet portal - Support custom CSV download on the Fleet portal session table. A new button to trigger custom CSV downloads was added. The information available in this report are: Session id, Location, friendly code, start date, session duration, consumed energy, total costs, and access type

  • OC-7760 - Operator portal - Roaming - OCPI: Enable sending tariff definitions on a roaming dashboard for every OCPI connection (OCPI 2.1.1. and OCPI 2.2). Allows every CPO to send tariffs out to roaming partners (EMPs). Importing of tariffs as EMP is not supported. Prices with conditions "valid after x" are not supported.


  • OC-7571 - UrchinAPI and MQ - Provide the PayInMethod information after the authorization process via MQ or API (for external integration purposes)

  • OC-7697 - MQ - Sharing new measurements via MQ - Current.Offered, Current.Import, Power.Offered, Power.Import

  • OC-7782 - UrchinAPI - New API added: Locations list new. It provides limited location-related data and has the ability to retrieve large amounts of locations

  • OC-7858 - Operator portal - Assets - Location: In the Pricing section improve the description from "The way how prices are applied" to "Pricing strategy"

Fixed Bugs

  • OC-6365 - Operator portal - Settings - Translations - Missing translations - added translation for OR text

  • OC-6376 - Operator portal - Expired users icon notification - contracts not displayed anymore

  • OC-6683 - Operator portal - CRM - User - Account status: Manual debit dispute is not working correctly

  • OC-6836 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Invoices - Subscriber invoice not generated when the payer is not a group payer and has “Create group invoice“ mark as "True": “Create group invoice“ is now unchecked by default

  • OC-7605 - Operator portal - Assets: Photo Upload to a Location is not working

  • OC-7793 - Operator portal - Urchin API userAccountMoneyTransactions timeout

  • OC-7876 - Operator portal - Monitoring and control: Raw messages' response status is not displayed

  • OC-7887 - Operator portal - Security - Access management: Country information is mandatory but no * is present when inserting a new operator