Ocean - Release notes 1.210.3


  • OC-5997- Ocean MQ messages - no communication history messaging

  • OC-5997 - Operator portal - NETS payment provider: Automatic retry for failed purchases added and improved error response handling -

  • OC-6151 - Driver portal - Update of Etrel default icons in pop up windows in the web app

  • OC-6244 - Operator portal - Assets - Locations: improved assets location search and management focusing on CPO and EMP separation. The operator is able to filter locations based on local, subcpo and roaming locations.

  • OC-6269 - SubCPO portal - Friendly connector name is added to subcpo's infrastructure dashboard. The connector's name can be changed by defining the connector's parking lot number

  • OC-6283 - SubCPO portal - Subcpo operator can now invite global or local users to his private charging stations. When the invitation is sent users get permission to charge on private infrastructure as well as benefits of subcpo prices if they exist.

  • OC-6412 - Operator portal - Roaming: Support for roaming remote start request for CPOid which is not defined in Ocean. The operator can now use Subcpo with different friendly code formats and can share the locations via roaming protocols

  • OC-6419 - Driver portal - Add new Translation keys for Native Apps

  • OC-6428 - Ocean UrchinAPI - remote start and stop transactions - add support for roaming scenario

  • OC-6498 - SubCPO portal - Invite global user: When a global user is invited to the subcpo's infrastructure invitation doesn't require confirmation anymore. Invited global users will be able to charge immediately using the subcpo's benefits after the invitation is sent. This means that subcpo's invitation for users using only RFID cards is now supported.

Fixed Bugs

  • OC-5035 - Operator portal - The description field in POI doesn‘t support Icelandic characters

  • OC-5219 - SubCPO portal - Manage user access management - prevent user's sharing between different SubCPOs (business partners)

  • OC-5600 - SubCPO portal - Charging sessions - Operator is able to download invoices from unknown users which shouldn't happen

  • OC-5981 - Operator portal - Translation of tariff pricing type missing

  • OC-6066 - SubCPO portal - The view for the collapsed menu is broken

  • OC-6098 - Operator portal - Support, The firmware updates: The firmware update that is running doesn't allow the operator to select a number of stations to display in the table. The dropdown menu is locked

  • OC-6221 - Operator portal - Reset password redirect fixed

  • OC-6228 - Operator portal – Displaying only selected GDPR consent and Terms and Conditions

  • OC-6256 - Driver portal - Custom Validator in a Registration Form is being validated even if the toggle button option is disabled

  • OC-6451 - Operator portal - CRM - Payer: Registration from date is predefined

  • OC-6458 - Driver portal - Unable to register a new account in EV driver web - Recaptcha not working

  • OC-6462 - Operator portal - Settings - Messaging logs not displayed correctly

  • OC-6490 - Operator portal - Ocean system timeouts

  • OC-6495 - Operator portal - Marketing module - marketing notifications may not be sent if marketing consent is used

  • OC-6499 - SubCPO portal - Global invited user on private location (CP or connector) is not able to see location pin in the map and neither CP/connector in the Location list

  • OC-6531 - SubCPO portal - Unable to invite a user to connector if he is already invited to another connector from the same location

  • OC-6556 - Driver portal - Recaptcha validation on Ocean production blocks Android app on registration flow