Android Release notes

Date updated: May 28, 2024

Latest supported:

  • app version: 4.4.0 (xxx), FEB Release

  • Android version: Android 6


🎉 “App rating” is available in your current app versions 🎉

We would like to introduce the new App Rating functionality that we developed for you to raise a voice of your loyal and happy users. We believe this feature will have a big impact on your apps in stores.

Feature is included in versions 4.3.0 and higher and can be enabled already today!

To learn more about it and how to enable it, visit 👉


Android 4.7.0 (xxx) - MAY Release


What's new:

  • Handling timeouts on start charging event (Roaming): We adjusted behavior on roaming sessions to cover a use case where we don’t get data on charging session from the roaming partner, but the session has started. In this case app will behave as charging session did start and it will give user an option to manually stop it on charging screen. Users will not get to “Check if your vehicle is plugged in correctly” anymore in roaming scenarios. ON-2850

  • Red alerts on Helpdesk: We are introducing new red alerts also on the support level where we want to give users a clear indication if their support ticket were answered already or not in case they miss the push notification. ON-2771


Bug fixes:

  • When users do not have any past sessions and they have checked the sessions tab, there should be an image displayed. This is now solved and the appropriate illustration is displayed. ON-2818

  • Improvements on the “Lost Connection” screen when pop-ups in the app are displayed. Previously the pop-ups on Switch profile, Consents and Notifications, and My profile were displayed over the Lost connection screen. The order of how this is displayed is now correct. ON-2823

  • When checking your past sessions history in the session tab of the application the last session card should be expanded by default. Last session is now shown in expanded view. ON-2815

Android 4.6.0 (xxx) - APR Release

Some versions as MAR release were released as version 4.4.7 (xxx)

April 24, 2024

What's new:

  • No connection screen: Improvements were made when a device losses connection with the internet. Now we display a screen with the information that there is no connection. Once the connection is reestablished, the application can be used normally. ON-2022

  • Handling timeouts on start charging event: We have made some tweaks when the sessions start to cover edge cases where user is not plugging in his vehicle. After 35s app will timeout and display most possible reason for a timeout on start charging → vehicle not connected yet. ON-2443

  • Updated external linking on help desk: If you have set an external link to the help desk, this URL is now displayed in-app as a web page. The tab for the tickets is removed from the app in such a scenario. ON-2623

  • Improved app loading time: We worked on internal errors we had in app which caused delayed app opening and long loading time. App is now opening much faster.

Bug fixes:

  • The new invoice notification and charging session is finished notification now opens the part of the app related to either invoice or charging session. Now both notifications are linked properly and the appropriate part of the application opens when tapping a notification. ON-2621

  • Sometimes the Payment Blocked pop-up did not display correctly when an unpaid invoice was generated. This was now addressed and the pop-up is displayed for every payment provider. ON-2633

  • When using a prepayer account, sometimes it happened that the user had to make 2 transactions to upload funds to their virtual account. This is now fixed and the user's first attempt is successful. ON-2651

  • When starting a session with a new account with a prepayer contract, adding the funds in starting a session flow did not return to the correct place in the application. This is now resolved and the user can successfully register, select a charger, top-up their account and start a session all in one go, without going back and forth in the application. ON-2688

  • We had an issue with roaming sessions where it appeared that the session was ongoing but in reality, it was already seen as stopped in the Operator portal. Log out and log in from the application did not help, as the app still saw the session as ongoing and it was stopped automatically after a certain time had passed. The session is now forcefully stopped if such a scenario reappears. ON-2712

  • CardCom PSP - When adding a payment card within the Initiating charging flow the charging sessions did not start automatically. This was resolved in this month's release and the session will successfully start when such flow is used. ON-2721

Android 4.5.0 (xxx) - MAR Release

Some versions as MAR release were released as version 4.4.5 (xxx)

April 5, 2024

What's new:

  • A group of test users was specified in the Firebase environment that includes the emails of users, who will be notified when a new build is delivered. If you want to be informed about new app build, add your email to this group. The group is called “AutoAssignTestGroupDONOTDELETE”. ON-2654

  • We improved behavior on a specific flow for partners using NETS payment provider. When the card was successfully added, the pop-up message that confirmed this did not close automatically. This pop-up is now automatically closed. ON-2559

  • With a new 3rd party marketing consent we needed to adjust its pop-up to be optional for user instead of being mandatory. This was fixed now and it works as it was designed. ON-2647


Bug fixes:

  • When using date of birth on registration forms, the date and time format used was converted in UTC which caused date being wrongly saved in Ocean. Now it saves it in the exact date format. ON-2697

  • We had an issue with roaming sessions where it appeared that the session was ongoing but in reality, it was already seen as stopped in the Operator portal. Log out and log in from the application did not help, as the app still saw the session as ongoing and it was stopped automatically after a certain time had passed. The session is now forcefully stopped if such a scenario reappears. ON-2712

  • There was an instance where the user received a new coupon upon registration through the push messages within the marketing module that caused a crash of the app. This was now resolved and the app no longer crashes. ON-2629

Android 4.4.0 (xxx) - FEB Release

February 22, 2024

What's new:

  • New release versioning system to align both iOS and Android versions. Example:

  • Added support for “Date of Birth” type input field on registration forms. ON-2476

  • We have upgraded the eService SDK version to 2.1.5. ON-1948

  • When a credit card was blacklisted (payment was not successfully processed with it) we now place a red exclamation point next to it in My Wallet view. ON-2445

  • We have changed all orange alerts to red alerts to make it the same throughout the application. The desired goal was to have only one color for alerts. ON-2558

  • Supported new option for external linking (using 3rd party website) for My Subscription. Subscription management can now be achieved using a 3rd party website (setup by EMSP) where contract type change is made using Ocean’s Urchin API. ON-2579
    Full description and documentation:

  • We've revamped the way you view push notifications from Ocean’s marketing module (technical and marketing notifications). Now, simply tap on a notification, and the app will open, displaying the entire notification for your convenience. ON-2336



Bug fixes:

  • When paying unpaid invoice with the PayNow feature, the invoice status did not change accordingly sometimes. This was addressed and the status is correctly updated. ON-2411

  • Warning from Google Play Console “Anomalous Permission Usage - android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO” is now fixed. This warning is no longer displayed. ON-2449

  • The user is logged out of the application if an operator deletes the user from the operator portal. Previously the user was not logged out. ON-2462

  • The consents and notifications menu did not save the toggle buttons correctly. This is now fixed and toggle switches stay in the state the user has set it. ON-2463

  • When a roaming session was ongoing, the app could freeze. This is now fixed and navigation backwards works as it should. ON-2464

  • There was an alert in the Crashlytics dashboard “”. This did not cause the app to crash, but it was only detected by Crashlytics (no impact to users). This needs to be addressed from Google and once they address this, the alert will no longer be seen. ON-2473

  • Users can now navigate between the Running session, Show pricing, and Home screen as expected. The home screen displays as it should. ON-2526

  • It could happen that the wrong pin color and text were displayed for occupied chargers. This is now addressed and corrected. ON-2556

  • When a local session was ongoing, the app could freeze when pressing the back key. This is now fixed and navigation backwards works as it should. ON-2569

  • Show Pricing was displayed in the incorrect color when using dark theme. This was now addressed. ON-2572

  • eService PSP & enabled 3DS: The charging session did not start even though the credit card was added. This is now resolved together with the upgrade of eService SDK. ON-2591

Android Etrel App 4.1.58 (xxx) - DEC/JAN Release

January 15, 2024

What’s new:

  • Added Pricing list link to Charging screen and on Preauthorization message to improve UX for users. ON-2407


Bug fixes:

  • When tapping the "+" in My wallet, nothing happened and users were not able to add a credit card. This was fixed. (eService only) ON-2408


Android Etrel App 4.1.55 (xxx) - OCT/NOV Release

November 21, 2023

Released only for: Braintree, eComCharge (BePaid), CardCom

  • When creating a new support ticket, the camera icon did not respond in some app versions. We fixed this. ON-1827

  • When multiple users were signed in to the app on one device, it sometimes happened that the session was transferred from one user to another, meaning wallets were shared between users. This was now addressed and resolved. ON-2099

  • When a user had less than 10 amount of one currency on their account and wanted to top up their account, the application crashed. The application no longer crashes and tops-up and shows the user correct balance on their account. ON-2109

  • When a user dismissed adding a credit card, the application was not in the correct state. This was solved by returning the user to the correct flow of the application when adding a card was dismissed. ON-2147

  • Limited requests to the BE when clicking on Pay Now button in invoices list and added a UI element to represent loading while waiting payment service window to initiate the session. ON-2294

  • When tapping PayNow button the button is grayed out during processing the users request. When the payment is successfull, the status of the invoice changes to Paid, and the button text changes to download, which allows user to download the invoice. ON-2294

  • Tapping the back button on a current roaming session now returns the user back to the home screen of the application and not leaving him looped. ON-2201

  • Addressed the crashlytics reports for (ON-2214): CRASH FIXES FROM 4.1.51

    • HeaderScrollingViewBehavior.layoutChild,


    • com.etrel.thor.screens.simple_menu.SimpleMenuUiManager.getToolbar,

    • RecyclerView.handleMissingPreInfoForChangeError.

  • The location list view did not display the complete list of charge points on one location in case when location had many charge points. This is now resolved. ON-2376

  • Fixed behavior of the FAB (Floating Action Button) in specific workflows and the order of the displayed information. ON-2093

  • Improved showing roaming data on charging screen when data is available to display more information about the session. ON-2234

  • In the last version of Android builds we were using wrong API call on AdHoc MIT (Skip preauthorization) contract on flow where users are adding cards for the first time before charging starts. This is fixed now and preauthorization is not charged. ON-2348

What’s new:

  • “Pay Now” functionality release for all payment service providers. NEW FEATURE
    More info:

  • Made upgrades to CardCom payment provider to support every contract flow and unify them together with all other payment service providers. ON-2196

  • Improved payment card view screen on CardCom, NETS & eComCharge (BePaid) PSP on certain flow to meet UI goals. ON-2238

  • Added additional 3DS triggering logic to explicitly require it for AdHoc MIT users when they add new cards on Braintree PSP. ON-2307

Android Etrel App 4.1.51 (296) - SEPT Release

October 10, 2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed rendering of the main menu or having wrong data inside it when internet connection was lost.

  • Fixed and improved existing eCommCharge (old BePaid) payment provider implementation

  • Handled not showing connectors on private locations for whitelisted users

  • Fixed wrong bottom sheet message when card deletion fails due to network error

  • When user clicked on invoice card to expand it, invoice status moved a bit inward. We fixed that.

  • In app version 4.1.48 (293) "Allow notification" popup modal was missing when launching the app for first time. We fixed this in newer versions.

  • Fixed crashes from Crashlytics: App version: 4.1.49, crash: AndroidKeystoreAesGcm.decryptInternal CRASH FIXES FROM 4.1.49

What’s new

  • Showing roaming data on charging screen when data is available.

  • Improved flow for AdHoc MIT users in case they go charging without previously added cards in their wallets. This applies for all payment providers.

  • Unified charing flows on CardCom, eCommCharge and NETS payment providers

  • Updated Braintree SDK to 4.31.0 version

  • Raised API level from 31 to 33

  • Pay Now functionality released for Braintree and eService. More info:

Android Etrel App 4.1.47 (292)

August 22, 2023

  • Added handling of timeout on “End of charging session” report. If data is not available in a timeframe of 10s, app will display a reasonable message.

New default translations

New default translations

The charging session summary is currently unavailable.

You can check the charging session details later by going to the Sessions page accessible from the main menu.

Android Etrel App 4.1.42 (287)

July 13, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Crashlytics crashes on 4.1.35 (280) version: BaseController.getActivityViewModel$app

Android Etrel App 4.1.41 (286)

June 30, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected short app description that showed tariff with lowest ID

  • Fixed a bug on a flow for eService payment provider and AdHoc MIT contract type (ON-2036)

What’s New

  • Changed the alert icon “!” for all customers using Etrel default icons on the tab view

  • To avoid accessibility issues on filter icon we introduced a filled icon with a clear indicator that the filter is active



Android Etrel App 4.1.39 (284)

June 16, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed refreshing behavior on the charge points list

  • Removed a button that was present on start charging animation

Android Etrel App 4.1.38 (283)

June 8, 2023

What’s New

  • For localization purposes we handled button layout switching through complete app. Button layout switch will happen when translations inside buttons will be too long to fit in a row.


Android Etrel App 4.1.37 (282)

May 17, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • To enhance user-friendliness, we improved the error message shown to MIT users who are already blocked when attempting to charge.

  • Switched date and status information on invoice cards to make data easier to read

  • Improved arrow animation on invoice cards

Android Etrel App 4.1.36 (281)

May 11, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Corrected the snack-bar message bug for "No connection" and "Login error" that were displayed when users reopened the app following a period of inactivity. No error messages will be shown anymore.

Android Etrel App 4.1.35 (280)

April 11, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed minor bug with infinite loader that appeared after unlinking and linking accounts with external federation system in My Profile.

  • On Settings screen we had an UI related bug that disabled scrolling when consent details were expanded. Scrolling is now normal on this screen.

  • Fixed blank white screen that appeared when users wanted to register a new account in Ocean via SSO.

  • Resolved an issue with adding cards on NETS payment provider.

What’s New

  • Enabled all push notifications to be delivered to user’s phones regardless of app being opened in foreground or in background to ensure important messages are delivered.

Android Etrel App 4.1.35 (280) HOT FIX for 4.1.34 (279)

March 29, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a crash which occurred when a user clicked on the Download invoice in build version 4.1.34 (279) from March 24.

Android Etrel App 4.1.34 (279)

March 24, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • On a specific flow for eService for AdHoc MIT users with Preauthorization, sessions only started when a new user added his credit card to the wallet for the first time. Every other start of the session was then failing in the preauthorization phase. The same issue was not found in production apps and is solved now.

Android Etrel App 4.1.33 (278)

March 24, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • When waiting for CDR data on “End of charging session report” screen zero values “0” were shown sometimes. We added a loader which is present until all data is received.

  • Fixed Parkilio lowering barrier behavior

  • In some flows “Username and password is invalid” error was shown to users even if everything was fine. We fixed this as well.

  • Deposit funds screen was not properly connected to inputs from instance settings which caused mixed behavior on whether users inserted their custom value or only clicked on a predefined values. Both iOS and Android now behave the same.

  • Fixed a bug on crashing NETS payment provider info when users were adding payment cards.

What’s New

  • Switched to the new API that handles our invoice data and services

  • Updated app with new Etrel Demo branded icons

  • Updated app with new Etrel Demo branded colors on location and connector cards, invoice cards and map pins.

  • Added dialogs for linking and unlinking accounts with Federation SSOs to improve user experience.

Android Etrel App 4.1.32 (277)

March 13, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Wrong linking pop-up message saying “Your login is not yet linked …” occurred on version 4.1.30 (275) when users were on login screen, entered incorrect data in login form and pressed sign it. This was resolved in this version.

Android Etrel App 4.1.31 (276)

March 9, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Android app didn’t want to accept letters as an input text in registration form field User.Payer.TaxNumber. We fixed this so when no custom regex is applied it can take on anything.

  • Fixed translations when disagreeing to Terms & Conditions in app’s settings.

What’s New

  • We refactored app’s main menu and added drop-down icons to our list items also on Android app. This improvement fixed temporary flickering too.

  • We devoted some time to improve our app building processes to deliver apps more efficiently. More about this soon.

Android Etrel App 4.1.30 (275)

March 1, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted handling of login and refresh tokens when those expire

What’s New

  • On Delete payment card flow we updated our progress indicators to new design and covered states in between to give more insights to users. Also new translations were added. NEW UI COMPONENTS

New Default Translation

New Default Translation

Processing …

Deleting selected payment card.


The card was deleted successfully.

Something went wrong …

Old English default translationError occurred when removing a card.” was changed to “We were unable to delete your card.”

Android Etrel App 4.1.29 (274)

February 27, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Investigated and fixed Crashytics reports and crashes in version 4.1.28 (273) CRASHLYTICS FIXES

    • Crash flow which was fixed: after uninstall and install the same app, the app started crashing.

Android Etrel App 4.1.28 (273)

February 17, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Investigated and fixed Crashlytics reports for app versions higher than 4.1.23 CRASHLYTICS FIXES

  • Fixed bug that impacted intra-ocean roaming start charging event over QR code scan.

  • Fixed strange behavior where connector list was endlessly scrollable and “Show pricing” buttons were not displayed

  • Fixed disappearing of private locations which happened in certain use cases

  • In some builded apps with versions 4.1.25 there was endless scrolling present on connectors list and no “show pricing” button was present.

What’s New

  • Migration to the new Google Identity Services SDK APP UPDATES

Android Etrel App 4.1.27 (272)

February 13, 2023

What’s New

  • “Red alerts” that indicate failed payments. In case of failed payments red alerts will be present in main menu (Payment & Sessions) besides Sessions link, in Invoices tab and on failed payment invoice cards. Those will be visible only for failed payments of “Pay as You Go” users. NEW FEATURE

Android Etrel App 4.1.25 (270)

February 3, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Included contract type also on temporary registration flows.

What’s New

  • We Redesigned Payment cards a bit to give users more insights on what they can do in case when their cards are being deactivated, expired or invalid. NEW FEATURE

New default translations

New default translations

Your payment card has been blocked by your e-mobility service provider. You cannot use this card for charging services in this app.

Your payment card has expired. You cannot use this card to pay for charging services in this app.

Your payment card has been detected as deactivated. You cannot use this card to pay for charging services in this app.

Android Etrel App 4.1.23 (268)

January 30, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Investigated and fixed Crashlytics reports for app versions higher than 4.1.20

  • There were cases where a user appeared to be logged out in the main menu, despite being logged in on the home screen. However, this issue has been resolved.

  • Fixed behavior for Switch profile functionality to have the same UI flow as iOS devices have.

What’s New

  • “Orange alerts” that indicate missing or invalid payment cards. If a user does not have any payment cards added in his app or he has some cards added but non of those cards are valid, he will se an orange alert in their main menu (Payment & Sessions) besides Payments link where orange alert will guide him to the Payment cards list where he can add a new valid card. NEW FEATURE

Android Etrel App 4.1.22 (267)

January 18, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Topup flow behavior on Roaming chargers to display “Deposit” button in case of insufficient funds

  • Improved responsiveness on smaller devices for new Scan QR code UI

  • Fixed incompatibility in API parameters which caused Sessions & Invoices lists empty in some cases

  • Fixed preauthorization message amount conditioning to include both global (from instance settings) and local (from contract type) DC and AC amounts

Android Etrel App 4.1.21 (266)

January 16, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Investigated and fixed Crashlytics reports for app versions higher than 4.1.17 (SecurePreferencesLongStringValues)

  • Fixed crashes on “Start charging with QR code” event that occurred on certain mobile clients

Android Etrel App 4.1.20 (265)

January 16, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed flow on deleting payment card where in case of active charging or active billing users are not able to delete used payment card.

  • Fixed expiration date for inserted credit cards.

What’s New

  • We Improved Scan QR code screen for cases when users don’t allow their app to use their camera for QR code scanning. In this case additional screen is displayed that can via button click redirect users to exact app settings to again enable using the camera. NEW FEATURE

New default translations

New default translations

Let %s access your camera to be able to Scan the QR code.

Android Etrel App 4.1.19 (264)

January 3, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug got into our charging connector list which made loading icon load infinite. This is fixed now.

  • Push notifications coming from Ocean were not properly linked when user clicked on one of them. We linked now coupons, invoices and helpdesk notifications to open related app screen.

  • Additional fixes were done on CDR end of charging file readings and Charging Session summary screen for specific chargers.

  • Switching certain toggle buttons from ON to OFF in Consents & Notifications settings screen did not behave correctly when user exited those settings. Applied setting will now stay in place.

  • Taping on preselected amount while depositing funds (for TopUp contracts) did not respond at all. This was handled in the latest versions.

  • Charging flow for TopUp users was improved for cases of insufficient funds.

  • As we were improving our Tariff pricing screen we missed adding displaying a title for custom pricing descriptions. They are back now.

  • Terms and Conditions modal screen was before displayed to all users regardless of their contract and rules set in Privacy management section in Ocean. With the latest version Terms and Conditions modal screens will use contract type conditioning for their presence.

What’s New

  • Charging flow for TopUp users was improved for case of insufficient funds which now allow users to make direct deposit from the charging flow.

  • The preauthorization amount message is now available on Android apps as well!
    For users with PayAsYouGo contracts and preauthorization enabled, we have added a preauthorization message dialog to inform them of the preauthorized amount that the system will withdraw from their bank account before charging begins. They also have the option to manage the preauthorization message setting in the Settings → Consents & Notifications screen. The preauthorization message and related settings are not shown to users with skipped preauthorization or to users with any other contract. NEW FEATURE


New default translations

New default translations

Pre-authorization payment

You’ll be asked to pre-authorize the amount of %s on your payment card. This is not a charge.

Do not show this message again.

In-app messages

Show pre-authorization amount

Android Etrel App 4.1.18 (263)

December 28, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug got into our charging connector list which made loading icon load infinite. This is fixed now.

What’s New

  • By adding dynamic validation to our input forms we improved our general UX on Android app for new and also existing users. When users edit their previously “error” or unsuccessfully validated field now, error text disappears actively.

Android Etrel App 4.1.17 (262)

December 27, 2022

What’s New

  • We updated our .json file and Google API linking from being hardcoded to automatic via provided .json files from Firebase. We recommend you to test Map search functionality with your newest received versions in order to ensure that correct .json file is used in app. If Map search is not working, first go through the following steps - and if everything seemed fine there, let us know to update your .json file for you.

Android Etrel App 4.1.16 (261)


Bug Fixes

  • CardinalComm SDK 60 was fixed and successfully tested with this version.

Android Etrel App 4.1.15 (260)

December 18, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • We did not tackle the marketing consent pop-up as optional which meant users needed to accept it in order to use the app. We changed this so users can either accept or don’t accept it and the selection will accordingly save in Ocean.

  • Minor localization fixes for reset password emails.

  • As we experienced strange filter behavior on app update event for specific app builds we decided to add a reset filter action on app updates for all apps.

  • On My vehicle screen we did not save the connector type correctly so we fixed it for both AC and DC connectors.

What’s New

  • As users can experience different charging states while charging, we have made a big step forward by displaying those messages transparently to our users in unique ways. We applied different colors for different statuses and used different icons so users can quickly distinguish between all of them and are being updated on a charging progress.

Android Etrel App 4.1.13 (258)

December 9, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Invoice created helpdesk ticket will now have “Payment Issues” title preselected by default.

  • Connector pricing app description was in case of using custom pricing displayed twice which is fixed now.

What’s New

  • Rooted device notification was presented as a snackbar in the past and did not give users enough time to read it and be aware of the risk taken. To improve this we changed it to dialog type message where length and expiry time of a message is not compromised.

Android Etrel App 4.1.13 (258)

November 25, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Improvements on My Vehicle screen for DC connector types together based on data from Ocean admin site. DC connectors are now preselected by default and properly saved.

What’s New

  • A few currency linking improvements with Ocean settings were made to make sure that any currency change will not impact our clients on production side.

  • Additional validation for Top-up pre-payer contract on deposit side

  • Marketing consent pop-up is now optional for all users, new ones and also existing ones. This means that user has an option to choose between Agree or Disagree, where non of selected option will block either registration flow (new users) or app usage by logging users out (existing users). Accordingly choices are saved in Privacy Management section of Ocean software.

Android Etrel App 4.1.12 (257)

November 23, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Analyzed and fixed Crashlytics report errors

  • Fixed roaming filter toggle button linking with settings from Ocean Instance settings. If settings in Ocean is set on true, roaming filter will be true also in app.

  • Coupons were not displayed in a Coupons list (Coupons screen). List is displayed now and after adding a coupon, a new coupon will be dynamically added to the list.

Android Etrel App 4.1.11 (256)

November 14, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Connector pricing list presented tariffs on multiple pages so users needed to scroll between them in order to see every tariff. All tariffs are listed on a single page now.

  • Improvements on MIT contract charging flow on Braintree to proceed with charging directly with default card and without asking users to select a card.

  • Fixed logging error which was appearing on app update.

Android Etrel App 4.1.11 (256)

November 7, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Improvements on displaying a Top-up amount for pre-payer users.

  • Minor lag was present on charging connector buttons if a screen was loaded before the pricing icon. Now everything will load at the same time without any lags.

  • Bug fix on Top-up adding funds that occurred only on some client’s versions. Funds can be added normally again.

  • Security issues improvement for Leaked GCP API Keys reported by Google.

  • Fixed display registration confirmation text that disappeared in rare cases.

Android Etrel App 4.1.10 (255)

October 28, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • UI improvements on registration form to keep the same distance between each input field.

  • Small bug fix on Map switching between satellite and normal view.

Android Etrel App 4.1.9 (254)

October 21, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Departure time was showing up on Android devices regardless of settings in the ocean. We fixed those connections so they work 1:1 again - Hide departure time will hide departure time selection.

  • Some Crashlytics related issues were fixed.

  • Disputed invoice had a bit strange layout shift when presented as an Invoice card in Invoices tab. Disputed view is aligned now.

  • Small color related fixes were done on certain icons.

  • App update issue related to endless loading icon was fixed.

  • Minor fix on Switch profile/Select user function was made as prompt was opened repeatedly in some cases even if was closed before.

What’s New

  • Roaming charging sessions are many times poorly equipped regarding charging information and in such cases we cannot present anything useful to our app users as for example “Advanced charging infos”. That’s why we removed advanced view button for roaming sessions.

  • Helpdesk button on initiating charging screen entertained many users while they were waiting on charging session to start but on the other hand confused many operators. Decision made - we removed it.

  • We noticed layout incompatibilities on Invoice cards (Screen: Invoice tab) in cases when translations were too long to fit in one line. Minor layout changes were done on this side so proper alignment can be achieved regardless of sentence length.

  • Minor redesign of advanced charging screen in case when user doesn't have his vehicle preselected.

Android Etrel App 4.1.8 (253)

October 7, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • When adding a RFID card, month formatting was not applied correctly therefore some users were not able to add a RFID card to their account. This is fixed in the latest builds now.

  • In rare cases an indicator line was lagging on the main Charging screen so we fixed that.

What’s New

  • Access instructions Screen got UI layout updates which offers correct alignment and element resizing also in cases with longer sentences.

Android Etrel App 4.1.6 (250)

September 14, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Crashlytics investigation and related fixes.

  • Some fixes were done on CDR end of charging file readings and Charging Session summary screen.

  • Minor fixes on Android Map to align with Ocean Map updates

Android Etrel App 4.1.5 (249)

September 2, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fresh install, app update fixes related to translations initialization

Android Etrel App 4.1.3 (247)

August 19, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • When requesting for a new RFID card, default text displayed to operators was a bit unclear. Now is defined as would be expected “Send me a new RFID card”.

  • Map filters behavior was tweaked a bit. Filters now stay the same as users set them.

  • While using input fields such as search field or RFID number field, clicking on enter will only apply those inputs, not also insert a new line.

  • Minor bug fixes were done due to app crashing when clicking on existing Helpdesk ticket.

  • Icon colors needed to be refactored in some places in order to work correctly.

  • Add buttons colors needed to be refactored in some places in order to work correctly.

Android Etrel App 4.1.2

August 5, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Reset password timeout fixes were applied. Resetting password should not be blocked anymore.

  • Helpdesk dropdown bug fixes.

What’s New

  • Enabled charging on roaming locations with iOS app having MIT contract type.