How to configure power meters on INCH DUO.

When changing the MID meter or the whole power circuit you will need to configure the new MID meter. To do that you will need firstly physically disconnect the green cable of the working MID meter from the power board and then configure the new MID meter in web interface of the charger.

There are two green MID meter cables connected on the power board.

Disconnect the green MID meter cable for the socket that works/hasn’t been replaced and leave the new MID meter cable connected.  Example if you have faulty MID meter on socket 2 you will need to disconnect the green MID meter cable for the socket 1 and leave the green MID meter for socket 2 connected.

After disconnecting the MID meter from the power board you will need to log into web interface and go under EVSE configuration. There you will see option ¨Change MID meter¨. After configuring the new MID meter, you can reconnect the other MID meter and test the charger

Note*: Make sure you choose the right socket in the web interface.