Ocean - Release notes 1.227.2

New features

  • OC-9706 - Operator portal - Payter cloud integration with Ocean. We are excited to announce the integration of PayterCloud into the OCEAN® platform, simplifying the EV charging experience. Payter cloud introduces the following key features:

    • Streamlined Payment: EV drivers can use PayterCloud terminals to select charge points and connectors, and authorize payments with their credit cards.

    • User-Friendly Interface: The system includes a welcome screen in multiple languages, selection screens for chargers and connectors, and a price information screen.

    • Efficient Authorization: PayterCloud manages the payment authorization process, and charging starts automatically once preauthorization is successful.

    This integration simplifies ad hoc EV charging, providing a more convenient and secure experience for users.

  • OC-10512 - UrchinAPI: New UrchinAPIs GET {{URL}}/api/v2.0/charging/sessions/{id}/billing-data and PUT {{URL}}/api/v2.0/charging/sessions/{id}/billing-data. These APIs allow the operator to receive all the session data related to the invoice/billing and then with PUT API change it. More information about the API and the parameters that you can change can be found on the UrchinApi documentation page: Link

  • OC-10781 - UrchinAPI: New UrchinAPI GET api/v2.0/invoicing/create-duplicate, which allows the operator to duplicate the invoice


  • OC-8044 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Tariff: Access fee session limits will now also be applied to Subscription type contract types.

  • OC-10446 - Operator portal - Roaming - Raw messages: Added Previous message and Next message buttons to quickly jump from message to message.

  • OC-10120 - MQ messages: MQ messages ChargingSessionEnded and ChargingSessionUserBillingEnded were extended with additional parameters:

    • ChargingSessionEnded:

      • Year

      • Evse.ChargePoint.Owner.TaxNumber

      • ChargingAuthorization.Identification.IssuedAsPrepayment

      • ChargingAuthorization.Identification.RoamingPlatform.Code

    • ChargingSessionUserBillingEnded:

      • Id

      • Year

      • TariffTransactionTypePrice.transactionPriceAccountingCode

  • OC-10509 - Operator porta - Settings - Mobile app UI - Linking to external application: New checkbox "Define if Ad hoc weblink on the sign in page of the application should be visible" was added. When enabled non-editable web link to ad-hoc portal is shown and in the login screen of webapp user will be able to click on the adhoc link and be redirected to the portal.

  • OC-10510 - Operator portal - Security - Roles management: After adding a function per particular role it stays on the left/Available side but should not - bad UX

  • OC-10560 - Operator portal - CRM - User - Contract: If the user is using a shared contract type that is applied to the group payer now this contract will also be displayed on the user contract list. Before it was not.

  • OC-10754 - Operator portal - Roaming - OCPI 2.1(Gireve): Remove the character limitation in the EMP role for the CDR received message

  • OC-10876 - UrchinAPI: extension of GET invoice. GET {{URL}}/invoice/:invoiceId will now include information about SessionId and LocationId.


  • OC-5545 - Operator portal - CRM - Users - Notifications: When selecting and deselecting the notifications for users information is not saved

  • OC-9962 - Operator portal - Dashboard - Maintenance - Thumbs up and down icons are inverted in the Dashboard section

  • OC-10335 - SubCPO portal - The location added in the SubCPO portal by the SubCPO operator is not visible

  • OC-10376 - Operator portal - Settings - Translations: Missing translation for password reset required complexity description

  • OC-10422 - Operator portal - Monitoring & Control - Dashboard: ChargePoint.SerialNumber cell is empty after exporting to CSV

  • OC-10443 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Sessions: Dispute (free of charge option) of ongoing session still triggers billing if the station sends a stop transaction later

  • OC-10526 - Operator portal - CRM - Payer: New payment card functionality on account status is not displaying only payment card payment method

  • OC-10533 - Operator portal - Roaming - Raw Messages: Wrong Call type filter naming in drop down list (OCPI 2.2)

  • OC-10562 - Driver portal: User receives additional notification after charging has stopped

  • OC-10589 - Fleet portal - In the Fleet Manager Portal the Reset Password link doesn't work when we click on it. The operator is not redirected to the Reset Password page.

  • OC-10620 - Operator portal - Billing and payment: Parking once the vehicle is full tariff is not billed if chargingWithLoadTo is not set. ChargingTo is used as a backup in such a situation.

  • OC-10634 - Ad-hoc portal: Search locations functionality shows an empty list of charging stations

  • OC-10643 - Ad-hoc portal: Current power on the charging screen is presented as max power

  • OC-10678 - Operator portal - Security - IP access limit: IP is blocked on stage instances even though IP should be allowed to access Ocean backend system

  • OC-10711 - Ad-hoc portal: mitigate the security risk by only allowing predefined values in the returnUrl

  • OC-10794 - Operator portal - Settings - Translations: Some Ocean translations are not working correctly. Also, some typos were fixed in English translations

  • OC-10832 - Operator portal - CRM - Payer: Timeout error when calling for a list of payers in the system.