Ocean - Release notes 1.226.3

New Features

  • OC-6619 - UrchinApi: Add additional parameters to api/v{version:apiVersion}/charging/authorizations This will allow the operator to have an API that retrieves all authorizations belonging to a particular user.

  • OC-10006 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Tariffs - Roaming outbound tariffs: Parking fee support for the outbound roaming sessions on Hubject and OCPI roaming was added.

  • OC-10121 - UrchinApi: Add time and energy limit in the response from the following API endpoints:

    • api/v1.0/charging/sessions/{chargingSessionId}

    • api/v1.0/charging/sessions

    • currentSessionOnlineData

    This will allow customers to see in session data the information about how limits were defined at the start of the session if the session was started from the Ocean portal or URCHIN API.

  • OC-10171 - Operator portal - Monitoring and control: Implemented HTTP(S) diagnostic logs upload that is used by the new INCH Core charging station. In the Assets module when defining the charging station model operator will now have the ability to choose HTTPS for diagnostics logs upload if the charging station model supports it.

  • OC-10416 - Operator portal - Monitoring and control - Infrastructure efficiency: Removal of Infrastructure efficiency module on Ocean back-office. The infrastructure efficiency module will be replaced by PowerBi integration within the Analytics module. If you wish to access the new module please contact your Key account manager.

  • OC-10433 - Operator portal - Roaming - OCPI: Share assets with Access type "Public but not visible to public" via OCPI roaming connection. To enable this operator will need to set this in the roaming connection settings where an additional checkbox was added: "Share public but not visible locations".

  • OC-10524 - Operator portal - Roaming - Sessions: "Charging with load to" information will now be mapped in the received sessions from the roaming partner. A new setting for the mapping of ChargingWithLoadTo in roaming CDRs is added to the instance settings, roaming, and session categories. By default setting: "Defines if the definition of the term “charging” in roaming CDRs is the “time of charging until energy flow stops for the last time in the session" will be disabled. When the setting is disabled parameter ChargingTo is mapped to Hubject’s parameter ChargingEnd and used in the calculation of the OCPI charging period. According to the Hubject and OCPI documentation, those parameters in roaming CDRs should present the end of energy flow in the session. As the interpretations of the protocol can be different a setting was introduced to allow the operator to handle the information in a way that it suits their business practice.


  • OC-7613 - Operator portal - Security - Role management - New permission RemoteStart was added that can be assigned or removed from a particular operator role. This will either add or remove the ability for an operator to start a remote session in the monitoring and control as an operator. If the permission is removed operator can only start a session in the name of the user.

  • OC-9263 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Invoice template: New invoice template placeholder added: TotalCosts.GrossAmountDiscount.

  • OC-9360 - Operator portal - Monitoring&control - Downloading logs: When downloading logs from the station fails custom error message will be shown. Previously only generic error was displayed.

  • OC-10007 - Operator portal - Roaming - OCPI 2.2. and 2.1 - Tariff module: Extend roaming tariffs in order to allow complex prices. Now valid after the condition can be applied to time-based tariff prices.

  • OC-10027 - Operator portal - Roaming - Hubject v2.3: In the CPO role Ocean system will now share with EMP eRoamingChargingNotifications, which will allow EMP to receive information about the start and stop of the session as well as charging station measurement during the session.

  • OC-10035 - MQ messages: Add MQ messages for the Roaming session start and stop. MQ messages are sent when notification about session start is received from roaming protocols OICP(2.3) and OCPI(2.2).

  • OC-10054 - Operator portal - Roaming - OCPI 2.2: Maximum power of charging points will now transmitted via OCPI 2.2

  • OC-10068 - Operator portal: Remove all project entities and their functionality since it`s unused and hence confusing from the Ocean system.

  • OC-10114 - Operator portal - CRM - Payer - Fleet settings: A new setting was added to the payer that defines whether the user will receive the same contract as is defined to a payer or if a new contract needs to be generated for users.

    • The user has a specific contract, which always takes precedence over the payer’s contract.

    • The user does not have a contract, therefore the Payer’s contract is taken into consideration.

    Currently, whenever the Fleet manager creates a new fleet driver, that user gets a new contract of the same type as the payer’s contract. If later the payer’s contract is changed, the change is not reflected in fleet drivers' contracts. For most cases, it would be better not to automatically generate a user’s contract for a new user. Existing users and payers will not be affected by this change.

  • OC-10274 - Operator portal - Marketing - Push notifications: The rich descriptions field is now mandatory for Push notifications.

  • OC-10279 - Operator portal - CRM - User - Account status: UI and UX improvements were developed to improve how limits are set and displayed. An additional error message was added, which displays "Limit billing warning" when the billing period is not set for the subscriber (post payer) and the operator is trying to define a new limit.

  • OC-10332 - Operator portal - Assets - Charge point: The operator is now able to generate QR codes inside the platform with an option to embed adhoc portal URLs into the QR codes.

  • OC-10365 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Preauthorization: Allow reuse of preauthorization only for the same charging type. Currently, if the user tries the first session on AC Evse system allows charging on DC with the same preauthorization if the AC session fails. This could cause the session to end sooner as lower preauthorization is usually used for AC type sessions.

  • OC-10390 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Invoice template: New invoice template placeholder added: Session.ChargingWithLoadTo.

Fixed Bugs

  • OC-5924 - Operator portal - CRM - Users: First name and Last name columns are displayed blank when extracting the CRM-Users CSV report.

  • OC-7883 - Operator portal - Roaming - Settings: The field "Share roaming identification types" must be mandatory for CPO/EMSP and EMPS roaming types.

  • OC-7897 - Fleet portal - Users in the fleet can be created without email.

  • OC-7909 - Operator portal - Billing&payment - Invoice templates; No data in placeholders Session.UserFirstName and Session.UserLastName.

  • OC-8470 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Purchase: Business logic error (eservice payment provider) caused by invalidated credit card saved as valid.

  • OC-8765 - Operator portal - Billing & payment - Purchase: Purchase statuses to not updated after successful payment. This will be fixed by preventing charging authorization from being used on multiple charging sessions.

  • OC-9913 - Fleet portal - Support - When a 2nd level support operator submits an internal comment to the 1st level in the helpdesk section message is not visible from the Fleet page but the status updates incorrectly.

  • OC-9453 - Operator portal - Billing&Payment - Top up: Wrong Message for top up when the invalid credit card is used.

  • OC-9607 - Operator portal - CRM - Identifications - Duplicities of RFID cards. Now system will check RFID codes when adding RFIDs to stock not just when activated on the user.

  • OC-9657 - Operator portal - Roaming (OCPI 2.2) - Settings - Manage Actors: After handshake roaming actor (CPO&EMSP) was created with two contracts of the same name (CPO) with different types.

  • OC-9857 - Operator portal - SubCpo - Infrastructure daily/monthly report: Discrepancy on the session data on the SubCPO infrastructure report.

  • OC-9889 - Operator portal - Billing&payment - Sessions - Changes made when "Waiting for parking information" should be displayed.

  • OC-10016 - Operator portal - Roaming - OCPI 2.2: Roaming sessions are still appearing as active on users' apps even though they have ended them.

  • OC-10074 - Operator portal - CRM - User: DateOfBirth when saving User is converted to UTC.

  • OC-10078 - Operator portal - Registration form: User.Payer.TelephoneNumber is not copied to the payer in Ocean.

  • OC-10100 - Adhoc portal - When the connector status is changed to "suspended by EV" its status in the Ad-hoc app is changed to Unknown.

  • OC-10103 - Operator portal -Billing&APayment - Tariffs: A newly added tariff which is already active doesn`t display "Is active" status at all

  • OC-10386 - Operator portal - Marketing > Push notification - Newly added Push notification with "Valid from" date in the future is not shown.

  • OC-10391 - Adhoc - Emailing invoice: issues with special characters in the Email field.

  • OC-10407 - Operator portal - Billing & Payment - Tariffs: Price valid from & price valid to date time selected is not based on local computer time.

  • OC-10415 - Adhoc portal: AC charger preauthorisation cost not correct. The system always takes the DC if DC evse is installed on the charging station.

  • OC-10462 - Driver portal - Connectors which are out of working time don't show "Out of working time" information when "whitelisted" users are checking the connector on APP.

  • OC-10489 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Invoice: Use currency decimals also for Pay as you go monthly fixed transactions. Currently, always four decimals are used.

  • OC-10584 - Operator portal - CRM - Payers: When Adding a payer its data is not shown upon creation. You need to refresh Ocean.