Ocean - Release notes 1.223.5

New Features

  • OC-670 - MQ - New message queues added: UserAccountFundsTopup,UserAccountManualBalance. They allow subscribers to receive information about user top up and all the manual balance changes on users' wallets done by operators.

  • OC-9035 - UrchinAPI - New UrchinAPIs for collecting OCPP events for specific charging stations:

    • GET api/{version}/maintenance/events/charger/{chargePointId} used to receive event list from one particular charging station

    • GET api/{version}/maintenance/events/location/{locationId} used to receive an event list from all the charging stations defined on one location

  • OC-9127 - MQ - New message queue added: UserGdprConsentUpdated. MQ is sent when a user updates the terms and conditions or any of the consents so that the subscriber is notified of the change.

  • OC-9130 - Operator portal - Support - Firmware version: Firmware update can now be done with an external URL. When defining a new firmware version operator can now choose to upload the FW file to Ocean or use an external link, which the station will use to access the FW file.

  • OC-9339 - Operator and driver portal - CRM - Privacy management: 3rd Party Marketing consent added to the GDPR consent list. It is a non-mandatory consent that can be included in the registration flow.

  • OC-9398 - UrchinAPI - New UrchinApi: POST {{URL}}/send-data-transfer-message, which allows operators to use API to send data transfer messages via OCPP to charging stations. More documentation is available at: https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/230031/SzYW4LYS?version=latest#d72723b9-4858-49e5-918d-27cde36ec184

  • OC-9399 - UrchinAPI - New UrchinAPIs for management of user consents and terms and conditions (CRM-Privacy management):

    • GET api/{version}/crm/gdpr-consents/types used to receive s list of consent types

    • GET api/{version}/crm/gdpr-consents/user/{{userID}} used to receive user's consents and their statuses

    • GET api/{version}/crm/terms-conditions/user/{{userID}} used to receive accepted user's terms and conditions and their statuses

  • OC-9457 - Operator portal - Roaming - OCPI 2.1.1 & 2.2: Ocean now includes tariff info when pushing locations for PUSH (PUT) command. This allows the system to share its tariffs via a roaming connection.

  • OC-9720 - MQ - New message queues related to the change of the user's contract were added: UserContractInserted, UserContractUpdated and UserContractDeleted. These MQs can be subscribed to and allow operators to be notified when the user is assigned a new contract, when contract parameters or statuses are changed or when the user contract is deleted.


  • OC-9491 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - CardCom payment provider: Support for sending additional information to payment provider when VAT is 0 was added to the billing process.

  • OC-9522 - Driver portal - Wallet: Functionality that prevents MIT adhoc users from inputting the same credit cards to their wallet if already inserted was added.

  • OC-9533 - Operator portal - Roaming - EIPA integration: When sending EVSEs only assets created on Ocean are changed. EIPA assets created externally now stay unchanged before they were deleted.

  • OC-9663 - Operator portal - Roaming - Raw messages - Improvement in raw messages detail view to give the operator additional useful information. Added information: EndpointUrl, ClientIP, HttpMethod, HttpHeaders at request and response, Direction, Call type and instance roaming platform. Also, improvements in the order of the information depending on its importance to the operator were made.

  • OC-9687 - Operator portal - Support module - Firmware updates: various UX/UI improvements.

Fixed Bugs

  • OC-6567 - Fleet portal - 'Anonymized' User is displayed when the fleet manager sends 1st level support ticket. Now fleet operator can see the information about a user for whom a ticket was created.

  • OC-6789 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Preauthorization - Click on any pre-existing preauthorization: Authorization timestamp is not showing.

  • OC-6834 - Driver portal - Forget password window: Outdated copyright info.

  • OC-7083 - Operator portal - Support - 2nd level support: New 2nd level support ticket has the same status "New unassigned" regardless if it is assigned or not.

  • OC-9369 - Operator portal - Monitoring and control - Authorize session as operator: Limits are not applied correctly.

  • OC-9391 - Roaming - Hubject 2.3: missing locations from roaming partner where a SubCPO sends location under different prefix than CPO.

  • OC-9431 - Operator portal - CRM - Contract types - Add/Edit a contract type, When selecting "Pay as you go" option "Skip preauthorization" is shown without selecting "Enable merchant initiated payment".

  • OC-9464 - Urchin API - remote start/stop using EVSE code returns error.

  • OC-9615 - Driver portal - Adding credit card: Preauthorization problem. If preauthorization is disabled and the credit card is added for the first time in the session flow, preauthorization is still taken.

  • OC-9632 - Operator portal - Monitoring and control: Ocean stops the session even though the Energy limit was not reached (issue only for certain station models).

  • OC-9648 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Tariffs: condition for max actual charging power to/from should not be negative values.

  • OC-9685 - Operator portal - CRM - Identifications: Translations are not applied.

  • OC-9716 - Operator portal - Billing and payment: In the billing process energy value was doubled if the operator pressed "Manually update prices" multiple times and the tariff was set in the future.

  • OC-9736 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Preauthorization: Preauthorization is not reused when the session is done via roaming. The time for how long preauthorization is kept, due to CDRs roaming taking a long time, was increased to 48h.