Ocean - Release notes 1.221.2

New Features

  • OC-8735 - Driver and Operator portal - Billing and payment: Once a credit card is linked to a blocked payer due to unpaid invoices, it is automatically blacklisted, preventing its addition to new users wallets.


  • OC-7612 - Fleet portal - Users: When choosing the EV model version now also the year of the model will be displayed

  • OC-9036 - Operator portal - Billing and payment- Invoices: Introducing a fallback process in the Operator Portal for adhoc session invoices, ensuring automatic creation within the last 7 days if not generated initially

  • OC-9070 - Operator portal - Roaming - Settings: When adding a Roaming platform remove the Connection option to simplify UI (Directly connected to the roaming platform for all)

  • OC-9181 - Operator portal - MessageQue: Extend MQ object ChargingSession by new property ChargingSessionStopReasonId

  • OC-9233 - Operator portal - Roaming - Settings: Roaming settings are now refreshed after OCPI's update credentials button is clicked to show to the operator latest OCPI connection data

Fixed Bugs

  • OC-6071 - Operator portal - Billing and Payment - Sessions - Wrong payment card brand displayed in the sessions

  • OC-7906 - SubCPO portal - Support - 2nd level support: Sub CPO unable to open ticket on charging session popup

  • OC-7949 - Operator portal - Marketing - Push notifications: 'Push notifications' breadcrumb automatically logs out the admin

  • OC-8116 - Driver portal - Ad-Hoc registration is not possible because reCaptcha is not visible

  • OC-8149 - Urchinapi - GET connectors not returning correct data for Model Id

  • OC-8257 - Operator portal - CRM - User contracts: when changing the validity of a contract to PM time, the display shows the user the validity was changed to AM time

  • OC-8437 - Operator portal - CRM - User - Account status: Not able to manually execute purchase for prepaid cards using the "Manually execute purchase" button

  • OC-8471 - Operator portal - Payment provider communication (Cardcom): Error 400 for Cardcom when doing a callback

  • OC-8518 - Driver portal - Registration: Charge immediately button and Close button display overlapping on certain resolutions

  • OC-8767 - Operator portal - CRM - Registrations - changeUserPassword functionality is not working correctly

  • OC-8847 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Sessions: Ocean didn't mark the session as special even though the session stop time was sent as past time

  • OC-8970 - Operator portal - Pay now purchase is doubled and captured two times

  • OC-8987 - Operator portal - Assets module - Charge point: Remove from blacklist button does not appear in the operator portal

  • OC-9039 - Operator portal Messageque: Error during execution of rmq.PublishRabbitMq

  • OC-9170 - Driver portal - Session limits: When session limits are disabled in Instance settings on the Operator portal, there is a 'Yes I want to set limits' checkbox in the web app that should not be there

  • OC-9259 - Operator portal - Roaming - Hubject v2.3: CDRs eRoamingChargeDetailRecord error due to MeterValuesInBetween being written in unexpected format

  • OC-9359 - Operator portal - Roaming - Hubject: Instance Roaming Actor with general actor contract is filled incorrectly