Ocean - Release notes 1.219.3


  • OC-8037 MQ - Power.Offered MQ message was added and ACcurrentOffered was renamed to CurrentOffered to better represent that the message is used for all types of stations AC and DC

  • OC-8414 - MQ - A new MQ RoamingConnectorsStatusChanged message was added, which allows EMP to subscribe to MQ in order to get notified on connector status updates so it can offer a better service its drivers.

  • OC-8423 - Billing and Payment - Credit card authorization (Braintree): The payment authorization gateway was declined because of the 3D Secure status. To reduce the number of failed purchases resulting from "bank issuer rejection," we have enhanced the payment process and the way credit card authorization is conducted. Instead of encountering issues with the card at the purchase stage, the credit card will now be declined immediately during the authorization phase. Additionally, we have improved error handling during card authorization to provide users with a clear explanation of why the credit card was declined.

  • OC-8414 - Operator portal - Optimize JOINs and INDEXes on the top 15 with the most executions to improve the stability and responsiveness of the Ocean system.

Fixed Bugs

  • OC-8533 - Operator portal - Roaming - Gireve authorization issue: Unknown actor error

  • OC-8569 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Invoice: For ad-hoc contracts with 100% discount where billing is 0 invoices paid status is not marked as PAID

  • OC-8631 - Operator portal - Billing&payment - Prepayment cards - Not able to activate prepayment cards

  • OC-8855 - UrchinWebAPI - GetInvoices call fails due to duplicated elements from pay.[InvoicesDetailsGet]