Ocean - Release notes 1.218.3


  • OC-4880 - Operator portal - Settings - Instance settings: "Defines if a user can use infrastructure only when he has an active contract with provider" was removed

  • OC-5740 - Operator portal - Billing and payment: Invalidated tariff prices can't be deleted anymore in order to keep history data of all past and present prices visible all the time

  • OC-7587 - Operator portal - Billing and Payment - invalidate cards in case a transaction fails due to a Payment provider's predefined reasons

  • OC-8008 - Operator portal - Marketing - Deprecate ability to limit Coupon Type to Tariffs conditions on API level

  • OC-8107 - Operator portal - Optimize TOP15 procedures with most executions to improve the stability and responsiveness of the system

  • OC-8414 - Operator portal - MQ: Added new message type RoamingConnectorsStatusChanged and new route {instanceId}.roamingConnectors.statusChanged. This gives EMP and ability to subscribe to MQ in order to get notified on connector status updates so it can offer a better service to its drivers

  • OC-8445 - Operator portal - Billing and payment: Prevent using payment methods that are used for Pay now/invoice payments We would like Ocean to prevent storing payment cards that were used for pay now functionality - purchase for a non-paid invoice. There are several reasons why we would like to implement this:

    • Pay now from the user's perspective a single payment of an invoice (fire and forget)

    • The transaction is processed in a way that a payment token should not be used for consecutive transactions in the future, however, the bank might approve such transactions

    • The payment method for Pay Now could be a payment method other than a payment card (such as apple pay) which are invalid MIT payment method.

  • OC-8472 - Urchinapi - The remoteStartTransaction_noAuth and remoteStopTransaction_noAuth APIs have now an additional int? connectorId param in the request payload

    More information about APIs is available on the urchin api documentation page: https://documenter.getpostman.com/view/230031/SzYW4LYS?version=latest

Fixed bugs

  • OC-6404 - Operator portal - Purchase is marked with unknown status

  • OC-6153 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Sessions - Dispute session: The dispute form allows you to save the stop meter value as empty. Which can result in negative values for the energy of the disputed sessions

  • OC-7058 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - If the payer is blocked system still creates a preauthorization for the user when the session is started. Fixed in a way that this does not happen anymore.

  • OC-7879 - Operator portal - Monitoring and Control - Infrastructure dashboard: Numbers in the dashboard do not match with numbers in the notification icons

  • OC-7888 - Operator portal - Monitoring and Control - Communication logs - In Communication outages, we should not display To time for charge points that are still offline

  • OC-7978 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Sessions - "Waiting for parking information" status stays too long on AC chargers even when the availability of connector changes

  • OC-8123 - Operator portal - Settimgs - Email templates: Infrastructure monthly report was not sent out