Ocean - Release notes 1.215.4 (23.5.2023)

New Features

  • OC-7006 - Operator portal - Roaming - OCPI 2.2 CDR module support added.

  • OC-7810 - Driver portal (native) - Pay Now functionality - Allows users with unpaid invoices to manually pay them from the app. Payment uses the deposit funds functionality, which was previously used for top-up contract types. Users will be able to identify that they have an unpaid invoice with an exclamation point displayed in the menu. Unpaid invoices will be marked with the status "Not Paid" and will have the button option "Pay now" available for them


  • OC-6836 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Invoices - Automatically disable "createGroupInvoice"(CRM - Payer) checkbox where it is not applicable as it may cause issues with the creation of invoices in such examples

  • OC-7274 - Operator portal - Assets - Chargepoint: Custom communication timeout is now limited to max 60s

  • OC-7376 - Operator portal - CRM - Allow user invitations for public locations from Ocean emsp operator. Before this was only supported within the Subcpo module. Now also main operators are able to invite global users to become invited users on the subcpo's assets. Invitations can be sent from the user's screen in the CRM module.

  • OC-7584 - UrcinAPI - APIs: /UrchinWebApi/Help/Api/GETinvoices, /UrchinWebApi/userPayer/{id}/invoices, /UrchinWebApi/Help/Api/GETinvoice/id and /UrchinWebApi/invoiceExternal/{id}?option={option} were extended with LocationTypeId field

  • OC-7618 - Operator portal - When Ocean sends a response to the station's request it will now use 3 digits for milliseconds in the "current time" field

Fixed Bugs

  • OC-3559 - Operator portal - CRM: Tables display redundant/blank columns in Authorisations, Sessions, and Reservations screens

  • OC-6350 - Driver portal - After logging in, the map is not repositioned around the user's location

  • OC-6358 - Driver portal - Roaming session - The time displayed is from the previous session

  • OC-7290 - Operator portal - Monitoring and control - Sessions status is defined as an emergency stop when the station doesn't send a reason for the stoppage in the stop transaction message. Status in such cases will now be defined as Local.

  • OC-7647 - Operator portal - Analytics - Custom reports: Exports include some stations that don't belong to the instance

  • OC-7661 - Operator portal - Assets - Roaming locations are not filtered correctly based on the instance roaming platform

  • OC-7680 - Operator portal - Security - Access management - Add API access - Error message does not contain the error description for API title missing

  • OC-7686 - Operator portal - Settings - Email templates: Missing monthly infrastructure reports

  • OC-7736 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Sessions: Session is duplicated with exact same session ID number when a user is invited as a "global invited user" to two stations on the same location

  • OC-7742 - Driver portal - Increase the set rate limit for "Temporary ban error message"

  • OC-7750 - Operator portal - Roaming - OCPI 2.1.1 - Storing raw messages in Ocean can fail due to exceptions

  • OC-7755 - Driver/Operator portal - CRM: Registration problems with Tax Number validation

  • OC-7758 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Tariffs: Manual Update Tariffs process not working (timeout)

  • OC-7793 - Operator portal - Urchin API userAccountMoneyTransactions timeout issue

  • OC-7802 - Operator portal - Assets - Chargepoint: Show price button timeouts issue

  • OC-7818 - Operator portal - Assets - Location: LocationSave timeout issue