Ocean - Release notes 1.214.3

New Features

  • OC-6393 - MQ - Add Power factor into MQ ChargingSessionMeasurementsChanged. As CPO I would like to know not only the consumed Active energy but also Reactive and Apparent energy. That can be calculated by knowing the Power Factor (cosinus fi) and Active energy.


  • OC-6383 - Urchin API - IsPrivate property is removed from APIs: /subCpoOnlineData, /paymentChargingSession, locationDashboard/{id}, and /chargingSessions. The property was not filled/used

  • OC-6502 - Operator portal - Assets - Infrastructure dashboard - connector finder: External code filter added

  • OC-7061 - Operator portal - Roaming - Raw messages: Improvement of the Roaming logs to give the operator additional useful information. Data that was added to logs: EndpointUrl, ClientIP, HttpMethod, HttpHeaders at request and response, Direction, Call type, and Instance roaming platform

  • OC-7205 - Operator portal - Assets - Location: Mark fields as mandatory for Load management when creating location. Only applicable when Load management is enabled on location

  • OC-7228 - Fleet portal - Improve error message on Login when the payer is blocked.

  • OC-7307 - Driver portal - Improve current session screen responsiveness

  • OC-7620 - UrchinAPI - Add new endpoint to UrchinAPI to GET single chargePoint: {{URL}}/api/v1.0/assets/charging-stations/:ID

Fixed Bugs

  • OC-3892 - Operator portal - CRM - Registrations: Approval for subscriber user w/o Contract type selected fails with an error that has a typo

  • OC-5392 - Driver portal - Ongoing session screen: Incorrect station status 'Paused by charger' instead of 'Paused by EV' when EV pauses the charging session

  • OC-5825 - Operator portal - Roaming - Roaming partner's identifications shouldn't be copied to the system if the partner is only CPO

  • OC-6611 - Operator portal - Assets - Location - Access instructions field does not support Icelandic letters

  • OC-6909 - Operator portal - Billing & payment - Tariffs: Invited global users don't receive invited global user tariff

  • OC-7049 - Operator portal - Assets - Charge point: Mandatory star missing on "Station owner" and "Serial number" fields

  • OC-7052 - Driver portal - Registration - New AdHoc users are able to register multiple times with the same payer email

  • OC-7059 - Operator portal - Roaming: Existing preauthorizations are not used in roaming sessions

  • OC-7110 - Driver portal - Charging time is in some cases not displayed correctly in the "Current charging" tab. To fix the issue animation was added to display that system is still waiting for the data.

  • OC-7133 - Operator portal - Assets - Charge point: Hide "Charge point id", "EVSE id" and "Connector" id from GUI when adding a new charge point. When the chargepoint is saved the information will be displayed.

  • OC-7237 - Operator portal - Marketing - Coupon types - can not add new private coupon type

  • OC-7487 - Operator portal - Roaming - Raw messages: Reset filter button is not working properly on the Roaming Raw Messages View

  • OC-7609 - Operator Portal - Billing & Payment - Sessions: Timeout Error 500 issue

  • OC-7614 - Operator portal - Simulators are not stopped anymore if they transition to unavailable (asset) status

  • OC-7663 - Operator portal - Roaming - OCPI 2.1.1: Pull evses on EMP does not create EVSE, connector in DB