Ocean - Release notes 1.212.3

New Features

  • OC-6450 - APIs - New endpoint for authorization info on Urchin API GET {URL}/v1.0/authorizations. The new API’s endpoint will serve relevant data about authorizations. The result should be filtered with: date/time range, “ReceivedServerFrom” and “ReceivedServerTo”. The parameter “OnlyAuthorizationsWithoutChargingSession” was also added. Its default value is false. If it is set to true only those authorizations, that are not associated with any charging sessions, will be included.

  • OC-6593 - Operator portal - Assets - Location: User invitations on location level for Ocean back-office operator. This will give the operator ability to invite users to become invited global users in the location section of the Asset module. Similar functionality is already in the Subcpo module and up until now in the CRM module where the operator can still check on the user level which invitations were sent to the user but is not able to trigger new ones anymore.

  • OC-6673 - Operator portal - Assets - Load areas: Load management module improvements: Previously known as the Power management module is now renamed to Load management. The term Load management includes a broader set of functionalities to be supported in the future. To use the Load management features it has to be enabled by the Ocean administrator (instance specific). As Load management represents an additional configurational and informational layer on the actual (location) or virtually defined (load area) asset it can be found in the Assets module. With the introduction of Load management, the subcategory Load Area is added to the Assets module. Load areas are the virtual grouping of more locations under a load area. All configuration for defining load areas is in the Load area subcategory. The configuration for load management on the location level is in the location form in the Assets module. The configuration for load management on the charging point is under the charge point form in the Assets module.

  • OC-6761 - Operator/Driver portal - CRM - User: Functionality was added where a user with blocked payment due to an unpaid invoice is automatically unblocked once the invoice is paid. The user will now be able to go to his wallet in the web app (support for native apps is coming in the future and will be noted in native apps release notes) and settle the unpaid invoice. For this to work contract type needs to be set as Adhoc MIT with the setting "Automatically block payment when a payment fails and let Ocean unblock it when a repayment succeeds" enabled. Also in the instance settings instance needs to be set up in a way that an invoice is created before the purchase goes through.


  • OC-6245 - Operator portal - Assets - Location: Information for roaming locations in the Assets module will be reduced to only applicable information. Before the same data forms were shown for local locations.

  • OC-6382 - Operator portal - Settings - Translation: Additional default translations for Native apps added to the translation module

  • OC-6559 - APIs - New filter “chargingStartedFromDaysAgo” and data “RoamingActor:Title::VARCHAR AS RoamingActor Title” were added in API {{URL}}/api/v1.0/charging/sessions-basic. STOPREASON_TITLE , STATUS_TITLE information will now be presented in the language that is defined in the API user settings. For API {{URL}}/api/v1.0/billing/invoices new filter “insertedFromDaysAgo” was added and will have priority over “insertedFrom”. We added data “PaymentChannel:Title::VARCHAR AS PaymentChannel Title”.

  • OC-6645 - Operator portal - CRM - USer/Payer: Additional explanation added when deleting user/payer to prevent confusion and unwanted actions

  • OC-6785 Operator portal - CRM - Users - Identification: The option to delete and release to stock was removed for mobile identifications

  • OC-6925 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Payment providers - Braintree: .NET SDK upgraded to version 5.15.0

  • OC-7035 - Operator portal - Roaming - OCPI 2.1.1.: Increase interval for sending energy consumption. Now consumption is sent every 30s for the first 3 min of a session and after that every 2 min

Fixed Bugs

  • OC-5088 - Operator portal - Billing & payment - Sessions: Disputing session can result in a refunding too much money to the prepayer's e-wallet when AllowNegativeFundsOnPrepaymetAccount setting is disabled

  • OC-5214 - Driver portal - Registration - Wrong validation message for email

  • OC-5227 - Driver portal - Log in with an invalid email does not display a warning message in the top-right corner

  • OC-5837 - Operator portal - Billing and payment - Invoice: Duplicated subscription based invoice stays in "pending for generation" and is not generated

  • OC-6233 - Operator portal -> Billing & payment -> Tariffs -> Clear filter does not clear all fields

  • OC-6271 - Operator portal - Roaming: Blocked roaming actors' stations are shown on mobile apps

  • OC-6456 - Operator portal Less than (<) sign is wrongly presented

  • OC-6461 - SubCPO portal - Manage pricing: Multiple "Custom pricing" are filled (values are cloned) if different tariff types are extended

  • OC-6526 - Operation portal - Monitoring & Control - Infrastructure efficiency report: Graph legend is not consistent with the information displayed on the graph

  • OC-6564 - Driver portal - 'My fleet' icon is broken in the menu drawer

  • OC-6571 - Fleet portal: 'Identifications' and 'Contracts' tables are not aligned. UI problem

  • OC-6635 - Operator portal - Roaming: Local locations shared via roaming protocol

  • OC-6753 - Operator portal - Roaming - Raw messages: Typos in the "call type" dropdown menu for OICP protocol

  • OC-6784 - Operator portal - Settings - Email templates - Infrastructure operation monthly report is not sent out

  • OC-6786 - Operator portal - Billing and payment: Charging is not blocked when the available amount is less than the Access fee set on the tariff

  • OC-6809 - Operator portal - CRM - Identifications: Authorization with Vehicle ID on non Etrel stations is not working properly

  • OC-6826 - Driver portal - The session list is list empty due to an issue with the currency

  • OC-6844 - Operator portal - Roaming - Raw messages: Send evses (push station list) not logged in CPO instance if an error happens during the push

  • OC-6907 - Driver portal - Invoices order is not correct

  • OC-6908 - Operator portal - Roaming - OCPI 2.1.1.: Put method is missing required location_id

  • OC-7054 - Operators portal -> Assets -> Location -> Charge point: Protocol charge point identity is truncated at the end on CP create and update actions

  • OC-7060 - Operator portal - Roaming - Row message type "LocationsGetCpo" on EMP returns 500

  • OC-7104 - Operator portal - Security - Acces management - Creating API access for MQ subscribers - can not select any MQ types