iOS Release Notes

Date updated: May 28, 2024

Latest supported:

  • app version: 4.4.0 (xxx), FEB Release

  • iOS version: iOS 14.0


🎉 “App rating” is available in your current app versions 🎉

We would like to introduce the new App Rating functionality that we developed for you to raise a voice of your loyal and happy users. We believe this feature will have a big impact on your apps in stores.

Feature is included in versions 4.3.0 and higher and can be enabled already today!

To learn more about it and how to enable it, visit 👉

iOS 4.7.0 (xxx) - MAY Release


What's new:

  • Handling timeouts on start charging event (Roaming): We adjusted behavior on roaming sessions to cover a use case where we don’t get data on charging session from the roaming partner, but the session has started. In this case app will behave as charging session did start and it will give user an option to manually stop it on charging screen. Users will not get to “Check if your vehicle is plugged in correctly” anymore in roaming scenarios. ON-2850

  • Updated layout in My Wallet: We have rearranged the layout of the My Wallet section in the application. The layout is now the same on both platforms. ON-2457

  • Updated layout in Location info: We have rearranged the layout of Location information. The layout is now the same on both platforms. ON-2678

  • Red alerts on Helpdesk: We are introducing new red alerts also on the support level where we want to give users a clear indication if their support ticket were answered already or not in case they miss the push notification. ON-2771


Bug fixes:

  • Changed a button name from CANCEL to CLOSE when ending the current session. ON-2506

  • Greek letters are now allowed to be used on the registration form. ON-2834

  • The forgot password button translation was not correctly displayed. This now shows the appropriate translation defined in the operator portal. ON-2838

  • We adjusted the two-step user delete account feature when it is managed by an external help-desk system. It will now open external URL immediately when user clicks on “Delete account” button from My profile form without showing pre-delete screen. ON-2849


iOS 4.6.0 (xxx) - APR Release

April 24, 2024

What's new:

  • Handling timeouts on start charging event: We have made some tweaks when the sessions start to cover edge cases where user is not plugging in his vehicle. After 35s app will timeout and display most possible reason for a timeout → vehicle not connected yet. ON-2443

  • Handled Apple warnings: Apple started reminding our partners to improve certain API declarations inside our apps. We tackled this inside our code to avoid any issues with app uploads in the future.

  • Updated external linking on help desk: If you have set an external link to the help desk, this URL is now displayed in-app as a web page. The tab for the tickets is removed from the app in such a scenario. ON-2565

  • Delete account functionality is now implemented differently. When a user requests for an account deletion, a ticket for the main operator is created with the request for an account deletion.
    Check it our here 👉 ON-2581


Bug fixes:

  • When a tariff with a recurring access fee was applied, iOS incorrectly displayed the tariff description when the user checked the prices for such a location. This price description is now displayed correctly. ON-2609

  • Location details now include information about the station owner. In previous version this information was missing, from now on this is added when checking the location details. ON-2678

  • Validation of the input field on the registration form when using REGEX was not working as it should. This was now addressed and it displays to the user if the input is not valid according to the REGEX demand. ON-2725

  • When adding a credit card to the account when using Braintree as a Payment Service Provider, the window did not display the same language as the device had. We have added additional languages to align with the language used on a device. ON-2738

iOS 4.5.0 (xxx) - MAR Release

April 4, 2024

What's new:

  • Auto-fill on login form: Login form now takes the suggested credentials from the Keychain and allows it to populate the login data automatically. ON-2377

  • Auto-fill on registration forms: Registration form is now automatically populated on the following input fields: name (user.FirstName), surname (user.LastName), email (user.Email), address (User.address.StreetName), city name (user.address.CityName), phone number (user.GSMnumber)

  • With a new 3rd party marketing consent we needed to adjust its pop-up to be optional for user instead of being mandatory. This was fixed now and it works as it was designed. ON-2647

Bug fixes:

  • Updated color palette on help desk modal window to gain more contrast in a form. ON-2632

  • Made a fix for non-working 3DS when adding card via NETS payment provider. ON-2538

  • In delete account translations iOS app did not populate the app name instead of ”%s”. This was now addressed and all of the translations that require the parameter should now contain it. ON-1227

  • Pay Now via the “failed payment” pop-up did not work ok with the Braintree PSP, the invoice was not settled. This was not fixed and the invoice is settled as it should be for all payment providers. ON-2448, ON-2618

  • If you used Pay Now functionality on invoices card with BePaid payment provider, the Pay Now did not work as it should. This was now addressed and it works as it was intended. ON-2620

  • We had an issue with roaming sessions where it appeared that the session was ongoing but in reality, it was already seen as stopped in the Operator portal. Log out and log in from the application did not help, as the app still saw the session as ongoing and it was stopped automatically after a certain time had passed. The session is now forcefully stopped if such a scenario reappears. ON-2659

iOS Etrel App 4.4.0 (xxx) - FEB Release

February 22, 2024

What's new:

  • Added support for “Date of Birth” type input field on registration forms. ON-2477

  • Supported new option for external linking (using 3rd party website) for My Subscription. Subscription management can now be achieved using a 3rd party website (setup by EMSP) where contract type change is made using Ocean’s Urchin API. ON-2579
    Full description and documentation:

  • We have changed all orange alerts to red alerts to make it the same throughout the application. The desired goal was to have only one color for alerts. ON-2558

  • We've revamped the way you view push notifications from Ocean’s marketing module (technical and marketing notifications). Now, simply tap on a notification, and the app will open, displaying the entire notification for your convenience. ON-2336

Bug fixes:

  • BePaid PSP - When a top-up user uploaded funds to their account, the balance did not change immediately. This is now fixed and the number is immediately refreshed. ON-2508

  • BePaid PSP - When a top-up user tried to top up their account and cancels this, the credit card used was added to their wallet. This was now addressed and if the top-up is canceled, there will be no credit card added to their wallet. ON-2524

  • BePaid PSP - ad-hoc users saw a spinner indefinitely when adding a card was canceled. This spinner now shows correctly and is also closed in the proper way. ON-2537

  • Newest “Show Pricing” button was displayed in the incorrect color when using dark theme. This was now addressed. ON-2571

iOS Etrel App 4.3.0 (xxx) - DEC/JAN Release

January 15, 2023

What’s new:

  • Added Pricing list link to Charging screen and on Preauthorization message to improve UX for users. ON-2406


Bug fixes:

  • When you tap on the directions icon it only offered Apple Maps. Now you are able to select multiple applications that you have installed on your devices. ON-2428

  • When a user with a contract where “skip preauthorization” is set, added a credit card to their account at the start of the session, reauthorization was made even though it should be skipped. This bug occurred only on version 4.2.0. (NETS, CardCom and eComCharge). ON-2459

  • If leaving the “maximum allowed funds” in instance settings for a prepayer account blank iOS app did not allow users to deposit funds. ON-2359

  • When uploading funds to a prepayer account and exits screen, it happened that the balance page was not yet updated due to delays in communication. This is now addressed with a loader that waits for funds to update. ON-2413

  • If the top-up user added funds in the process of starting the session, the session did not start. This flow is now fixed and after topping up their account prepayer can successfully start a session from this path. ON-2415

  • Braintree PSP with enabled 3DS did not respond correctly when confirming or denying the transaction. Now the app waits for a response from Braintree and proceeds depending on the result. ON-2431 FIX FOR 4.2.0

  • When adding a credit card for the 1st time as a top-up user, you needed to tap it once again to trigger transaction. Now the 1st card that is added is auto used for 1st deposit. (NETS) ON-2438

  • When Adhoc and Adhoc MIT users started a charging session via Scan QR code and added a credit card there for the first time, users were unable to start a session. This is now solved so that users can successfully add a credit card and start a charging session via QR code scan. ON-2416

  • When starting a session via a QR code on the same location using an existing preauthorization, the session did not start. This is now fixed. ON-2465

Partners with app versions 4.2.0 in stores using Braintree have to update their iOS app to 4.3.0 due to a payment bug on 4.2.0 version.

iOS Etrel App 4.2.0 (xxx) - OCT/NOV Release

November 21, 2023

Bug fixes:

  • The short app description now shows the correct order of tariffs when a connector has more than one tariff valid for that connector. ON-2018

  • Improved showing roaming data on charging screen when data is available to display more information about the session. ON-2235

  • Fixed minor issue for newly registered Adhoc MIT users when they add a new credit card to their wallet (if their wallet is empty) directly before they start their first charging session. ON-2306

  • User with blocked payment now gets the correct warning when they try to initiate a session. ON-2313

  • We implemented a solution on how to catch users that are in a “semi” logged in state via handling 401 and 403 BE requests. ON-2323

  • Limited requests to the BE when clicking on Pay Now button in invoices list and added a UI element to represent loading while waiting payment service window to initiate the session. ON-2293

  • Fixed crashes from Crashlytics on version 4.1.0 (236): CRASH FIXES FROM 4.1.0 (236)

    • [libswiftCore.dylib] _ContiguousArrayBuffer.capacity.getter

  • Fixed temporary registration issues. ON-2351

  • Fixed continuous spinner shown on Internal browser used for CardCom PSP. ON-2383

What’s new:

  • “Pay Now” functionality release for all payment service providers. NEW FEATURE
    More info:

  • Improvements on button layout from horizontal to vertical. It will help to elevate problems with displaying longer words on buttons throughout the application. ON-1317

  • Added additional 3DS triggering logic to explicitly require it for AdHoc MIT users when they add new cards on Braintree PSP. ON-2302

  • New app versioning, for example:

    • 4.3.2 (123)

      • 1st number “4.” is leading number

      • 2nd number “3.” is build number

      • 3rd number “2” is hotfix number

      • (123) is only count number and is irrelevant for build count

For clients who use the same app for STG and PROD app version, will get builds with the same build number, but different count numbers. Info on which app build points to which environment will be written as well in release notes in Testflight.

  • STG app: 4.3.0 (123)

  • PROD app: 4.3.0 (124)

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (247) - SEPT Release

October 6, 2023 LATEST VERSION

Bug fixes

  • Fixed animation on invoices screen for open-close invoice card

  • Fixed and improved existing eCommCharge (old BePaid) payment provider implementation

  • Improved handling pop-ups and log-outs when users disagree with terms and conditions or privacy policy

What’s new

  • Upgraded alert icon in segmented tool (Invoices screen).

  • Showing roaming data on charging screen when data is available.

  • Improved flow for AdHoc MIT users in case they go charging without previously added cards in their wallets. This applies for all payment providers.

  • Pay Now functionality released for Braintree and eService. More info:

  • Handling of “No connection” event with new lost connection screen. Lost connection screen will disappear automatically once connection is reestablished

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (239)

August 22, 2023

  • Added handling of timeout on “End of charging session” report. If data is not available in a timeframe of 10s, app will display a reasonable message.

New default translations

New default translations

The charging session summary is currently unavailable.

You can check the charging session details later by going to the Sessions page accessible from the main menu.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (237)

August 11, 2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed swapping items between toggled consents in settings screen

  • Fixed conditioning on “Terms and conditions” and “Privacy policy” pop-ups where users could bypass it by logout-ing and logging back in to the app

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (233)

June 28, 2023

Bug fixes

  • Improved attachment preview to display reasonable image title

What’s new

  • Changed Etrel Default color for charging bar on home screen from green to blue.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (232)

June 19, 2023

What’s new

  • To avoid accessibility issues we are introducing a filled filter icon with a clear indicator that the filter is active. The change affects all the customers using Etrel Default icons.

  • On the segmented tool we changed the “!” icon color to match any partner’s color theme.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (231)

June 14, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed glitching animation on start charging loading screen.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (230)

May 31, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed app localization to match phone’s operating system language.

  • Error title and description on start charging session animation were adjusted to show the exact reason of failure.

What’s New

  • Users have now an option to select with which app they want to open their maps when they click on location directions button. For example if a user has both Google maps and Apple maps installed on his phone, app will give him an option between between those two.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (228)

May 6, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crashing on Tips & Tricks for older iOS versions

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (227)

May 5, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple QR code scanning issue in case the QR code recognized on a charger was wrong.

What’s New

  • We connected SSO setting from instance settings in Ocean “Defines if external federation system is used for user authorization” to iOS app behavior to enable dynamic management of SSO in apps.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (226)

March 30, 2023

What’s New

  • We improved our charging experience for new Ad Hoc MIT users who want to charge their vehicle but don't have a payment card added in their wallet yet. Before, they had to break their charging flow, go to My Wallet and add a card to their account there. But now, adding a payment card will be automatically initiated on charging flow.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (224)

March 2, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error message on a pop-up that occurs when deposited amount for top-up users is exceeded or is too low.

What’s New

  • Improved charging flow for AdHoc MIT users (Braintree) for cases where users don’t have their 1st payment card added in the system. Adding card will be automatically initiated now on charging flow and added card on 1st charging will be automatically used on every next charging.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (224)

February 16, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Made improvements on login and refresh token linking to handle random login/logout events

What’s New

  • Adjusted default Etrel demo color tones on pins, location cards and connector cards to make them more representative.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (221)

February 15, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Removed validation error message when users change validated input field

  • When users wanted to reset their password, they were able to click “Send” button multiple times while loader was still spinning which resulted in users getting multiple reset password emails. We disabled “Send” button for the time 1st email is being sent.

  • Adjusted translation key “Do not show this message again” for preauthorization message on iOS 15 to align it with iOS 16 expected design.

  • Included generalization of search field color with opacity on all apps.

  • Tips & Tricks section had a minor bug jumping back to the first slide while swiping them. This is fixed now.

What’s New

  • Added front end validation of password complexity so users can dynamically see whether password is strong enough to successfully proceed with registration.

  • Introduced Red colored Stop charging button for all clients. NEW FEATURE

  • We Redesigned Payment cards a bit to give users more insights on what they can do in case when their cards are being deactivated, expired or invalid. NEW FEATURE

  • “Red alerts” that indicate failed payments. In case of failed payments red alerts will be present in main menu (Payment & Sessions) besides Sessions link, in Invoices tab and on failed payment invoice cards. Those will be visible only for failed payments of “Pay as You Go” users. NEW FEATURE

  • “Orange alerts” that indicate missing or invalid payment cards. If a user does not have any payment cards added in his app or he has some cards added but non of those cards are valid, he will se an orange alert in their main menu (Payment & Sessions) besides Payments link where orange alert will guide him to the Payment cards list where he can add a new valid card. NEW FEATURE

New default translations

New default translations

Your payment card has been blocked by your e-mobility service provider. You cannot use this card for charging services in this app.

Your payment card has expired. You cannot use this card to pay for charging services in this app.

Your payment card has been detected as deactivated. You cannot use this card to pay for charging services in this app.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (220)

January 20, 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Removed bottom white area which occurred in some screens.

  • Fixed expiration date for inserted credit cards.

  • Improved API call for Terms & Conditions to include contract type ID

  • Improved “adding a credit card” flow on eService payment provider where now refresh page right after a card is added.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (219)

December 25, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • In Ocean back-office clients can define additional custom app menu links which are then displayed in apps inside main menu list. As those links disappeared after some period of time we needed to make additional adjustments to keep them in place.

  • While depositing funds (only for TopUp contracts), balance label on deposit screen didn’t sum correctly which is fixed now.

  • When users did not allow their app to use their location, app did not redirect them to default location defined in Ocean back-office. Location linking is working as expected now.

  • Because of internal upgrades, certain screens got white area at the bottom of the screen which was handled in this version.

  • We fixed overlapping of labels and fields that was in some cases present on Settings → Consents & Notifications screens.

What’s New

  • We upgraded our internal processes and app development environments.

  • We Improved Scan QR code screen for cases when users don’t allow their app to use their camera for QR code scanning. In this case additional screen is displayed that can via button click redirect users to exact app settings to again enable using the camera. NEW FEATURE

New default translations

New default translations

Let %s access your camera to be able to Scan the QR code.

Enable camera access

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (218)

December 16, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Applied translation for a message “Error loading tickets.”

What’s New

  • With version 218 we enabled In-app messages on Apple devices so they can as well receive push notifications when the app is in the foreground. NEW FEATURE

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (216, 217)

December 14, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed minor background lag on registration forms for country selection.

What’s New

  • For users with PayAsYouGo contracts with Preauthorization enabled we added a preauthorization message dialog to notify them of preauthorized amount the system will preauthorize from their bank account before charging starts. They also have an option to tackle preauthorization message setting in Settings → Consents & Notifications screen. Preauthorization message and related settings are not shown to users with skipped preauthorization or to users with any other contract. NEW FEATURE

New default translations

New default translations

Pre-authorization payment

You’ll be asked to pre-authorize the amount of %s on your payment card. This is not a charge.

Do not show this message again.

In-app messages

Show pre-authorization amount

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (215)

December 9, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Push notifications coming from Ocean were not properly linked when user clicked on one of them. We linked now coupons, invoices and helpdesk notifications to open related app screen.

What’s New

  • When users had a bad connection to the internet and they wanted to reset their password it seemed like the app was not sending this request. For such cases we added a loading icon on Reset password screen to make it more user friendly.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (214)

December 8, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed currency linking on a few screens just to align with all Ocean inputs and stay consistent for any possible currency changes our clients make.

  • Analyzed and fixed AdHoc MIT contract charging flow on apps with Braintree payment provider.

  • Coupons were not dynamically refreshed once you added one. Now they will appear instantly on a coupons list when you add them.

  • Sometimes we do not allow users to Delete a payment card (ex: active charging with a card, …) so we notify users about this with a message. The issue was that the dialog message presented to users was a bit weird so we decided to change it for everyone to understand it.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (213)

November 29, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • We spend a bit of time on updating and fixing changes that happened during development process upgrades - it was a must do for the bringer app future.

What’s New

  • Changed default translation on both iOS and Android apps for “Firebase” notification label. We changed it to “Push notifications” to make it more user friendly for all.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (212)

November 17, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes related to registration form crashing in specific cases.

What’s New

  • We started working on development upgrades which will help us deliver better features more efficiently.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (212)

October 28, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing subscription info on My Wallet screen.

  • Country input field on registration form was validated even though it was selected as “not mandatory” in Ocean. With this fix it is validated correctly.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (211)

October 21, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Edge case crash on temporary available locations was fixed.

  • My Wallet sub-screen layout shift and color related issues were fixed. Those occurred only on certain build versions.

What’s New

  • Nothing to show yet, but we need to mention that we are already working on some additional app features. We will keep you updated here so stay tuned.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (210)

October 6, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • During RFID fixes we needed to additionally tweak RFID date inputs in order to align RFID time based criteria with Ocean. Cards can now be normally added in iOS app again.

  • Deposit button behavior on top-up funds screen was improved. This is valid only for clients with preprayer contacts.

What’s New

  • Newly created Helpdesk tickets became more user friendly regarding attaching images. When user adds an image now, image title will be shown to notify users of their attached media.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (209)

September 28, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Helpdesk tickets created directly from Invoice screen will now have invoice related subject preselected as a ticket title. For English translations title will now be Payment issues.

What’s New

  • For better usability and flow, we have removed “Stop charging” and “Helpdesk” buttons on certain tabs on charging screen. Users can now only finish charging or request for help on the main charging tab by clicking those two button and not anymore on Limits nor Location tab.

  • Marketing consent pop-up is now optional for all users, new ones and also existing ones. This means that user has an option to choose between Agree or Disagree, where non of this option will block either registration flow (new users) or app usage by logging users out (existing users). Accordingly choices are saved in Privacy Management section of Ocean software.

  • To improve and unify our user experience on Initiating screen in cases of errors like rejection of remote charging, we repositioned Helpdesk and Retry buttons to fit our users flow.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (208)

September 22, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • For WebView shown 3rd party websites that include videos, we disabled full screen video auto play, which means videos won’t play automatically by themselves anymore as users land on such page.

  • On Web app, iOS and Android app we noticed some minor differences in Added range calculations so we unified them by fixing a parameter in our iOS app. Now all calculations will be the same.

What’s New

  • Some of you may noticed that we were working on Delete account functionality for quite some time, but in order to have it fully functional we needed to wait for additional translations to be released with the Ocean release. We’re happy to share that it is now fully supported on iOS devices. NEW FEATURE

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (207)

September 14, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Departure time linking wasn’t applying correctly as it was set in instance setting, therefore it was always visible. We corrected this behavior, so whichever setting you will use now, it will apply correctly in the iOS app and departure time will accordingly be shown or hidden.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (206)

September 7, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • In a few cases ordering of past session list got mixed. With this bug fix past sessions will be shown correctly ordered by day, month and year.

What’s New

  • As users can experience different charging states while charging, we have made a big step forward by displaying those messages transparently to our users in unique ways. We applied different colors for different statuses and used different icons so users can quickly distinguish between all of them and is being updated on a charging progress.


iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (203)

August 19, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • Reset password text was in some rare cases deleted automatically without user interaction. Now it won’t go anywhere.

  • Send message icon wasn’t always available while creating or replying a support ticket. We made sure it will stay there permanently.

What’s New

  • We pimped our Invoice screen by implementing endless scroll functionality, so all invoices will be dynamically loaded while user is scrolling through them.

  • New translation was added for users with rooted mobile devices. Now every language can be used to notify users of the risk they are taking by having rooted devices.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (201)

August 12, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • We aligned Ocean filter settings that can be found in Ocean Instance settings together with Map filters in iOS app.

  • Minor changes were done on Helpdesk ticket forms. Newly created forms behaved a bit differently on different tabs, so we made sure that they are the same now.

  • User settings experienced some overlapping that is fixed now.

What’s New

  • Recent map searches are now saved and shown below Search field. Users can now use their past inputs to search between different places and find desired charging stations faster.

  • All sentences start with first letter capitalized, therefore we added capitalization on all iOS forms as well.

iOS Etrel App 4.1.0 (200)

August 5, 2022

Bug Fixes

  • When requesting for a new RFID card, default text displayed to operators was a bit unclear. Now is defined as would be expected “Send me a new RFID card”.

  • Some translations were occasionally displayed differently on Android and iOS devices, so we aligned them. If you still notice any differences, let us know and we will align those as well.

  • Reset button on Map Filters didn’t work perfectly in special cases so we tuned it.

  • User settings experienced some overlapping that is fixed now.

  • Compatible RFID cards linking is now hidden if you don’t have external linking enabled.

  • Fixed charging location list sorting by distance. Users will now see correctly sorted charging locations from the closest ones to the furthers.

What’s New

  • Minor changes were done on the “More connectors” button (Map Filters) to make them function better.